Panic! At The Disco

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On the 8th of may I was lucky enough to go to a Panic! At the Disco concert with a one if my best friends in the whole world who I will forever thank for inviting me to come along and watch them with her. Okay when the tickets went on sale for this concert I was not that big a fan of Panic! purely because I hadn't listened to a lot of their music but when my friend invited me I accepted straight away and began learning the songs... So a few months pass and it is the day of the concert so we head to Manchester on the train to go to the concert as we live in Liverpool so we had to travel. We spent the whole train journey listening to their latest album in order to get ourselves excited for the concert, we got to the venue at around 2pm, the doors didn't not open until 7pm but true to fans dedication there was already quite a long line waiting in line in hopes to get to the front of the audience as we were standing for the concert, so of course we had to just wait until the doors opened. Thankfully we met two super friendly boys we could talk to while we waited to go in. We had a few hours to kill so we talked about various things; the band, the boys dyed hair and singing for no reason and eventually getting food from the mcdonalds around the corner. We were there for a while so me and one of the boys went to get food for all of us... and then it started raining hard though thankfully we had umbrellas to keep us dry as we ate our mcdonalds outside, eventually the rain stopped at  people were being allowed in, we all headed towards the door and more or less ran to the front of the stage so we could the best view we could, luckily we ended up in the second row so we had an amazing view. The venue started playing music while we all waited for the supporting act to come on and everyone started singing which felt amazing to see everyone so happy. Then the supporting acts came on which were two bands called MT (stands for many things) they were really good they got everyone in a great mood and their music was good, the main singer even jumped into the crowd and then went off, after them the second group came one who were another band called King Charles who were also good but once they had done their set everyone started screaming for Panic! to come on stage and when they did the venue just erupted with screams and they began singing Vegas Lights and everyone was singing (or should I say screaming) along with them, you could just feel the euphoria in the crowd it was amazing as we could see the artists we adored singing songs we loved. They performed old favourites and new releases with occasional breaks to speak to the crowd or a costume change. It was amazing... they ended the concert with a crowd favourite song of theirs I write sins not tragedies  everyone was so ecstatic during this song even with Brendon doing a back flip in the middle of the song and we were all singing our hearts out to this song especially to the chorus which Brendon let the crowd sing in which you could hear the passion of the crowd... and then it was over. The concert was over and the band had left the stage, lots of girls were shouting to the security to throw some of the stuff left on the stage ie. guitar plecs and set lists amazingly I caught one of the guitar plecs that Kenneth had used during the show, unfortunately my friend didn't manage to catch anything so I gave her my guitar plec as she had invited me and had been obsessed with Panic! At the disco since we were in year 7. After the concert we headed toward the merch store and we all got tshirts so we had something from the concerts to remember the night along with videos we had taken during the show to look back on in the future, we headed outside the venue to meet up with the boys so we could all leave together, we started walking trying to find our way to the train station so me and my friend could catch a train to go home and the boys were kind enough to help us try and find the station as they were staying in the city overnight ... and we got lost so we all tried to figure out where to go so we didn't miss our train eventually we had to ask for directions from a really sweet man who got a taxi for all four of us so we weren't late thankfully we arrived at the station in enough we thanked the boys asked for their twitter names so we could stay in contact and hugged them goodbye. At this point we had five minutes in order to catch our train so we started running and thankfully got there in time to catch it but had to get off after one stop to get a bus back to Liverpool where we had to get a taxi to get back home it was about 1:30am when we both got home, we were exhausted after the long night. We said goodbye and goodnight and went home. I can now honestly say that that was one of the best nights of my life and will forever be one of my favourite memories and I cannot wait until we can go and see Panic! At the disco in concert again. 

Write again soon :) x

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