Summer thoughts

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Now that it is actually starting to look like summer in the UK everyone is getting into the summer spirits by getting their shorts and dresses out of their wardrobes, putting on the suntan lotion, sitting in a beer garden or even sunbathing in the garden with the music blaring so everyone knows it's summer at last. While everyone is starting to finish school or college or university for the summer everyone is saying goodbye and making plans: my turn of this has already started as I have said goodbye to one of my flatmates and will have to say goodbye to the rest of them in a few weeks for summer but thankfully I will still see them around so it's not goodbye forever. As well as saying goodbye everyone is making plans for the summer whether that would be going to festivals, visiting friends/family or even going on holiday. Thankfully I am doing two out of these three so I won't be bored; I'm planning to go to London for a girly holiday with my family which I'm really looking forward to: I love London it's such a beautiful city and visiting it is great as I want to move there once I have graduated from university, next I have plans to visit friends, first is to Manchester: a city only about a half hour away from where I live so I won't have to spend much time on a train, and I get to see one of my really good friends who I only met this year through university, and then me and another friend are going down to Cambridge to visit our friend: which will entail a long train journey and staying overnight in a travel lodge but I don't mind I'm looking forward to seeing my friend and have him show us around his town and city. So far they are all the plans I have for the summer but I'll hopefully have more by the time July rolls around. I can't wait for summer but at the same time I'm quite happy to wait for it because who knows what can happen between now and then.

Write again soon :) xxx
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