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Quotes : What they mean to us

When we read, we devour the words, we take in everything the book has to offer us and then we come across a phrase, a sentence, or sometimes even a few words that will make us stop for a second, make us think or even make our heart flutter because it meant something to us. These quotes are the one we cherish whenever we reminisce about the book or whenever you feel lost and are in need of guidance or simply need to put a smile on your face because of the memories they hold. I know as a lover of books how much these quotes can affect us, and I'm sure that many of us will relate.

As a lover of words, and a English Literature student, quotes are a big part of my life, whether I want them to be or not. Therefore I have a whole bank of quotes stored in my head constantly, and within these are my favourites. Many of them are simply because I love the books they are from but others are for deeper reasons.

These are a few of my favorites :)

Centrum Permanebit - The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines)

Fear doesnt shut you down, it wakes you up - Divergent

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear - Catching Fire (THG)

In dreams we enter a world that this entirely our own - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban

The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment - Fallen

There is only one thing we say to Death: “Not today" - Game of Thrones

The reason why these are some of my favourite quotes is that they all give me courage and faith when I am either scared or lost. In the past and definitey in the past year I have felt so helpless and lost with what to do my life and these quotes have helped me pull through so much. I practically owe my sanity to the authors who created these, so these quotes will always have a special place in my heart.

What quotes are your favourites ?

Write again soon xxx


Guest Post - A DayDreamer's Thoughts: Fan Loyalty


Guest Post- A DayDreamer's Thoughts 

Fan Loyalty

When a book is adapted into a film, a divide is formed between fans. Those who read the book first, and those who saw the film first. The divide splits a group of people, a community of sorts who all share a common interest in the story being told - whether it be by the screen or the pages of a book and a sort of quiet rivalry is formed.

It sounds rather silly to say, but it's true. As I write this it is the opening weekend in the UK of The Fault in Our Stars in cinemas. Today I went to see the film and loved it. One thing I did notice though, was the divide between those who had read the book and those who hadn't. You had the people who had read the book and they were prepared, they'd come with tissues and were sitting before the film started talking about the scenes they were looking forward to. There was then a group of girls - who looked about ten. The film is a 12A and so I can't understand why they were let in. But from about halfway through they were sobbing there hearts out - and not the kind of sobbing that comes with someone who knew what was coming, the kind of sobbing from people who didn't really know what was going to happen. 

In the case of The Fault in Our Stars, I'm someone who read the book first. I grew to love that book and knew I wanted to see the film. I'm glad I'd read the book first. In the case of those girls I really wanted to say "You should have read the book first." But in all honesty I don't have a problem with people who seem the film first, because I've been one of those people.

I became a fan of Harry Potter because I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the cinema BEFORE I'd read the Harry Potter books. I'll give you that it sounds stupid to go and see the last film not knowing very much but I did and after that I became obsessed with Harry Potter. Three years down the line, I still am. People often say "You're not a true fan if you didn't read the book first." and you'll get other book bloggers if one of us has watched the film before reading the book saying things along the lines of  "Shame on you." To that I say SO WHAT?

This is one of those issues that I constantly notice on blogs and on twitter and it's something that I really feel should be discussed. In some cases I feel you should read the book because there are things the films cut out, but if someone watches the film first and then becomes part of the fanbase, does that make them any less of a fan? Because they were told the same story just through another type of media, does that make them any less of a fan? I don't think it does. I don't think that it makes me any less of a Harry Potter fan because I saw the films first. And if those girls in the cinema become fans of The Fault in Our Stars, I don't it makes them not true fans because they saw the film first.

The fact is as fans, we all like the same story, no matter how that story has been told to us. 

What do you think of the fan divide? Please let me know in the comments.

Holly x
A DayDreamer's Thoughts.

I want to say Thank you so much to Holly of A DayDreamer's Thoughts for this amazing guest post, the first on my blog and for all the amazing help she has given me, I am so thankful for everything you have done :)
If you liked what you just read and agree with it, please go over to her blog http://hollydaydreamer.blogspot.co.uk/ and follow it, I love her blog so much and I hope you all will too :)

Write again soon xxx    

Review : The One - Kiera Cass

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Review : The One - Kiera Cass

The Selection changed America Singer's life in ways she never could have imagined. Since she entered the competition to become the next princess of Illéa, America has struggled with her feelings for her first love, Aspen—and her growing attraction to Prince Maxon. Now she's made her choice . . . and she's prepared to fight for the future she wants.
*Cautionary Warning- This review has major spoilers so if you haven't read the book yet, read it and come back. I don't want to spoil it for you

For a long time The Selection has been one of my favourite series and I was beyond excited to have the final book in the series, I couldn't wait to find out how the series would end. What America would do? Who would she pick? Would it end in the way I wanted it to or not? Thankfully I got my copy in the post so I could find out.

Okay I don't even know where to start when talking about this book, AAHH! first of all it was definitely worth waiting for so many reasons, which I'll talk about in a bit, but overall I adored the book, the writing was amazing as usual, draws the reader straight into the world within the book, the plot was so rich with more than one story line going on so there is always something going on while the main competition is going on which always keeps me on my toes which I love in a story , so thank you Kiera for that.Like any other book there are plot twist but oh my god there are quite a few so you are always surprised. I loved the ending and was ecstatic to discover how the series ended and I was very happy with the result. It is an amazing series, definitely one of my top five favourite series, the only downside to the series to me is that its over, I want more! but thankfully I have the novellas to read so thankfully their world is still open to me. Okay time to talk in more detail :D

 One reason I was looking forward to reading this book so much was simply to see what would happen with the characters, and to be perfectly honest so much happened with them that I would never have dreamed of. Celeste, the only elite I despised when I began the book, I wanted her to be thrown out of the competition and get her just deserts but oh my god I have never had my view change on a character so drastically, I adore her now, when I read about her crying I couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards her and then her asking the other elite for forgiveness , after this point she became one of favourite characters especially when she helps America on some many occasions, we get to see her true nature which I loved seeing, I thought she was going to live happily after the Selection and remain friends with America and the other Elite but when it came to rebels attacking and she was shot, I felt so lost I have never felt my  heart plummet so much when Celeste died she had so quickly gained my favor and was ripped so quickly from the story. I will never think of Celeste in the same bitter way I did before this book. I loved her character just wished she had lived enough to see happiness.

If there was one character i will never change my view on, it will be King Clarkson. I despise him, he was the most horrible, manipulative and every other negative personality trait someone can have. He was just so evil!!!  I hate him for manipulating America, his disregard for anyone who didn't just bow down to him and obey his every command and most of all and the reason i hate him most, is because of what he did to Maxon. He is just evil and I know its probably cruel to say but I'm glad Kiera killed him off, so no one would ever have to go through the pain and cruelty that he caused.

Now for the main three; Aspen, America and Maxon. Aspen, I am happy with how his story ended, ending up with Lucy and remaining friends with America, and the epilogue was so cute having him walk her down the aisle was just perfect to see them together and happy with how their lives. I thought the way he acted throughout the book was totally admirable, in comparison to the previous books where he acted in my opinion like a lovesick puppy, especially all of the times he helped America and even when he tried to tell her about Lucy. He definitely redeemed himself for me. 

America , America ,America. Where do I begin, I was slightly annoyed at her at the end of The Elite because of how she was acting with Aspen and Maxon but she really grew out of that in The One she knew that her heart belonged to Maxon and fought for him, which I am so glad for because I always wanted them to be together. Also I loved how we saw more than her Elite side in this book, as we got to see her with the northern rebels , standing up to the King and even seeing her at her lowest point, I loved seeing all these parts of her because it makes her even more real to me, and then I can totally relate with her so I loved her completely in this book, and I was completely behind every decision she made in this book whereas in the previous two i thought she was being idiotic and sometimes juvenile with her decisions. But I adore her and she is one of the best heroines I have read in a long time.

Now Maxon, oh Maxon, the charming Prince,definitely lives up to that title in this book with the adorable manners and cute quirks that he has, especially the way he is with every character he never speaks down (okay once he does but he doesn't mean it) and mostly his affection for America is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure of reading, like when he writes America love letters while she is mourning her father and his worry over her being shot and almost being taken out of his world, is the most beautiful thing ever to read. The only fault I had with Maxon in this book was towards the end of the book and he finds out about America and Aspens past and then freaks out on America and doesn't give her a chance to explain and almost ruins both of their lives by deciding to marry Kriss, as much as I love Maxon I couldn't help but be so frustrated at him for this, he could at least have let her explain without acting like a spoilt child when something didn't go his way. Thankfully he redeemed himself and came to his senses and realised how much he loved America and didn't want to live without her.

Thats enough about the characters, even though they are amazing. There are so many other things in the novel that made it so great to read, such as finally seeing the girls being nice to each other without any backstabbing whatsoever, it was great to see the girls support each other and see how the all needed each other it was just great to see their friendship grow especially when they had a pamper day to themselves and they borrowed Maxon's camera to take silly photographs, I loved seeing the girls like this. 

The hidden conspiracies that were going on in the background of the story were so interesting to discover especially with the northern rebels siding with Maxon and America to fight the southern rebels,finding out that both America's dad and Kriss are both rebels was a shock but so intriguing to find out about because I would never have suspected them of it, and even when America got Nicoletta involved i loved seeing how far she was willing to go to do what was right for the country and break down the castes and keeping the people protected with the northern rebels help. This story line showed a new side to many of the characters which was good to see them as than one thing.

There were so many plot twists, I had to keep rereading over sentences to make sure I had understood correctly what was happening, like the frequent attacks by the southerners, when Aspen helped Maxon and America out of the palace to meet with the northern rebels and America gets shot, the conviction of the thieves and America openly defied the King (I loved that bit!) America involving the Italians, Celeste's death and then of course finding out Maxon was King after the attack (I really wish Amberly hadn't died I really liked her) I love the plot twists it kept me guessing a lot which I love in a book. This one definitely kept me on my toes with suspicions so I'm glad of that.

And lastly the ending, when everything started to go down hill I had my suspicions about how this could all be resolved and end in the way I wanted it to, and sure enough it did, I predicted the southern rebels to attack otherwise A) what would be the point of all the talk of the northerners protecting them and B) It would be the only way for Maxon to realise how much he loved America and would always protect her. I am so glad I was right ( though I wished Celeste and Amberly had survived) because Maxon came to his senses , but when America couldn't find him my heart just sank completely, I was just in shock, Maxon couldn't die, he just couldn't she couldn't build this up for three books just to have him die within the last few pages, and then i read on. He was alive and King which was pretty out of the blue I must admit but thankfully It meant he and America could be together at last. And then the epilogue... OH MY GOD it was so cute, America on her wedding day, with Marlee as her bridesmaid like they talked about which was incredibly sweet, and Aspen walking her down the Aisle which I thought was a great final point in their relationship, and then Maxon with his "Hello, my dear" just made my heart absolutely melt it was so adorable ending their story with the words that began it.

I could honestly go on for hours about this book as you can probably guess, it is one of my  favourite series, and I am so glad to have read it, it ended perfectly and without any loose ends with is amazing, and I couldn't have asked for a better send off with the end of the series.     

Rating : 5 Stars *****

If you have read The Selection series please let me know what you thought of it, were you like me and loved the ending or did you wish some things were different. Please leave a comment and let me know :)

Write again soon xxx   


My TBR Pile

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My TBR Pile

Jane Eyre, Eleanor & Park, Allegiant, The Forsaken. The One, Teardrop,
The Hobbit, The Night Circus,A Great and Terrible Beauty

Jane Eyre -Charlotte Bronte

The only book in this pile to have been assigned for me to read as part of my English literature degree, and I still haven't finished it, I'm about three quarters of the way through because I love it so much there have been books on my course were I have given up because they bored me but Jane Eyre is one of my favourite classics so of course I would read it and I plan on finishing it really soon.

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

After reading Fangirl I knew I had to read more books by Rainbow Rowell and I have heard so many amazing things about this book from friends, tumblr, booktubers and bookbloggers so I had to see what everyone was talking about so i bought myself the book. I'm really excited to read this as there is nothing but raise for this book and also I'm meeting Rainbow Rowell next month when she comes to Liverpool so I cant wait to get it signed and ask her questions. 

Allegiant - Veronica Roth 

 How I didnt blitz this book when I book when I got it is a complete mystery to me as I read the first in a few hours each. I'm dying to know what happens next with Tris and Four and I have been lucky enough to stay away from spoilers thankfully or I would have burst into tears if someone told what happens without me reading, but everyone went crazy over this, and I need to know why. Need to read ASAP   

The Forsaken -Lisa M. Stasse

Already half way through this book and I'm beyond hooked its so gripping , there are so man twists and turns you have to be quick to keep up but definately a worthy read for anyone who loves The Hunger Games or The 5th Wave

The One - Kiera Cass

By the time this is published I will probably have finished this book as I have been waiting since it came out to get it.( damn you UK release date) The final book in The Selection trilogy which every fan has been screaming so we can find out who America chooses ( I'm Team Maxon) Amazing series, I cant recommend it enough, if you haven't read this series DO it is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of reading. 

Teardrop - Lauren Kate

I am really late reading this one since this book was gifted to me from my mum for Christmas and I still haven't got round to reading it yet. I will read it as it is by an author whose previous work I adore; Lauren Kate. I loved the Fallen series so I'm looking forward to the writing of this new novel of hers. 

The Hobbit - J.R.R.Tolkien

Yes I know, beyond incredibly late to the party with this book, but I have started it and I promise I will finish it soon. Again this was a gift from my 18th birthday which was last year(again I know very late reading it) she knew i was starting to love LOTR and The Hobbit and she knows how much I love to read the book before the film adaptation comes out so she bought me it. Still really want to read it before i watch the movies to which there is one left to be released so I need to get a move on reading this book. 

The Night Circus -Erin Morgenstern

Seems to be a reoccurring theme with this TBR pile that I don't know why I didn't straight away and that is definitely the case for The Night Circus. This book has been on my wishlist for a VERY long time ever since I read the blurb so I gave in and bought it. Need to read this ASAP, you know no idea how much I want to read this book and love it to bits. 

A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray

This book was a spur of the moment buy as there was an offer "buy one get another half price" I mean what book lover can turn that down so I bought one book I was dying for, cant remember what it was and saw this book. I have heard book bloggers talk about it so I thought I'd give it a go and I love YA historical fiction so this should be right up my alley.  

My Top 5 Summer Reads

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My Top 5 Summer Reads

The Selection, This is what happy looks like, Stolen, Anna and
the french kiss, Lola and the boy next door.

Now that summer is upon us we all want something new to read while we are enjoying the sun, whether that is by the beach or in your garden, but there are so many amazing books to choose from when choosing a book to read while you relax in the nice weather. Whether it is a cute piece of chick-lit, fantasy or even dystopian we all have books that we love to read while the summer is upon us and the sun is out. My favorites range from chick-lit to slightly thought provoking stand alone novels, but every summer I read them without fail. My favorite summer reads are some that you might be familiar with or might not be but they are great to read in summer. Here's my Top 5 Summer reads, hope you like them :) 

The Selection - Kiera Cass

One of my favorite series of all time, for many reasons, the amazing characters, witty dialogue and magical setting. It follows the story of America Singer as she enter a competition to become Illea's next princess and marry the crown prince Maxon. When I first picked up this book in my local Waterstones,I was drawn to it as the concept seemed original and interesting, ( and also honestly the pretty dress ) Once you open the book you dive into a new world were every girl is eligible to become royalty, and if your are lucky enough to be chosen you are now part of the selection. I adore this book, and this series ever since I first read it. The princess theme, the competition and the dates with the prince will make you believe your are watching your very own Disney princess movie in your head. A perfect read for when you're travelling for a day out or on a plane off to a sunny location.

This is what looks like - Jennifer E. Smith

The only book in my top 5 summer reads which i have not read yet, and the only reason it is already in my top 5 is due to the vast amount of praise i have heard about this book being one of the best books to read over the summer period and i have been recommended it a lot by people whose opinions on books i hold very dearly so I cant wait to read it and as soon as i have i will review. I cant wait to read it, I have amazing things about both the book and the author so I'll let yous know what I think once I've read it. 

 Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss is only a fairly recent read of mine but its has already become one of my favourite books,its a cute read for anyone who wants something that will put a smile on their face and fall in love at the same time. It follow Anna as she leaves the USA to spend her senior year in a french boarding school (that's right France!) Finding new friends, new adventures and new romance in the city of love is the perfect read while you relax in the sun with a nice cold drink by your side. 

Stolen - Lucy Christopher

This book is slightly different to the other books in this post as it deals with more serious issues than those used in the other novels. This novel follows Gemma, a 16 year old girl as she is stolen away by a mysterious man and taken to an isolated cabin in the middle of the Australian outback. As she tries to escape she learns about her kidnapper and why he took her. Although my description sounds beyond serious its actually quite a light-hearted read with a great ending. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you ever want a novel with a twist that makes you think this is the book for you.    

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

From the same writer as Anna and the french kiss, comes Lola and the boy next door, which has the same witty dialogue, lovable new characters and amazing comedic language that will always leave a smile on your face even after you have turned the last page. This novels follow Lola, a budding fashion designer with two dads and an older boyfriend but what would she do when an old neighbour moves back in next door? normally nothing, but when that neighbour is the sweet,handsome Cricket bell , an old crush, things for Lola might get slightly complicated. Any fans of the first Stephanie Perkins novel "Anna and the french kiss" will immensely enjoy this book and will be happy to see some familiar faces make a cameo. Perfect summer read for anyone who loves a bit of chick-lit.

 Those are my top 5 summer reads, if you have read any of them i would love to know what you think of them and also what your favourite books are to read in the summer.

Write again soon xxx 


Up all night

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So everything is coming to an end as summer rolls around; school, college or in my case my first year of university. This year has gone by so fast it doesn't feel like it should be over, but it is, so unfortunately that means I have to move out of my halls of residence and move back home which means having to say goodbye to my flatmates, who are the best people I could ever have had the pleasure to live with, I don't think I could have survived the year without them. they are like my family now and I will never forget them and everything they have done for me. As we all realised that this would be our last week living together we thought we would make the most of it while we could, so not last night the night before, the girls and I pulled an all nighter, if you don't know what that means it's basically a sleepover, we brought all our pillows and duvets out, bought a lot of sweets and turned the tv on to watch crappy tv while we were all talking. We played Who Am I? some alcohol was involved ;) then we binged on our sweets (well I did) and watched glee and sang our hearts out while trying not to wake the other people in the flat, we sat and waited to see the sun rise and then we just talked. It was great being up in the morning at 5am sitting with the girls in the kitchen talking about anything we wanted.I am so lucky to have these girls in my life, they are like my sisters, I am going to miss them so much when we all leave on Saturday only to see each other around campus or whenever I go and visit them. I don't want this week to end. This has been one of the best years of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Write again soon xxx
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