My Top 5 Summer Reads

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My Top 5 Summer Reads

The Selection, This is what happy looks like, Stolen, Anna and
the french kiss, Lola and the boy next door.

Now that summer is upon us we all want something new to read while we are enjoying the sun, whether that is by the beach or in your garden, but there are so many amazing books to choose from when choosing a book to read while you relax in the nice weather. Whether it is a cute piece of chick-lit, fantasy or even dystopian we all have books that we love to read while the summer is upon us and the sun is out. My favorites range from chick-lit to slightly thought provoking stand alone novels, but every summer I read them without fail. My favorite summer reads are some that you might be familiar with or might not be but they are great to read in summer. Here's my Top 5 Summer reads, hope you like them :) 

The Selection - Kiera Cass

One of my favorite series of all time, for many reasons, the amazing characters, witty dialogue and magical setting. It follows the story of America Singer as she enter a competition to become Illea's next princess and marry the crown prince Maxon. When I first picked up this book in my local Waterstones,I was drawn to it as the concept seemed original and interesting, ( and also honestly the pretty dress ) Once you open the book you dive into a new world were every girl is eligible to become royalty, and if your are lucky enough to be chosen you are now part of the selection. I adore this book, and this series ever since I first read it. The princess theme, the competition and the dates with the prince will make you believe your are watching your very own Disney princess movie in your head. A perfect read for when you're travelling for a day out or on a plane off to a sunny location.

This is what looks like - Jennifer E. Smith

The only book in my top 5 summer reads which i have not read yet, and the only reason it is already in my top 5 is due to the vast amount of praise i have heard about this book being one of the best books to read over the summer period and i have been recommended it a lot by people whose opinions on books i hold very dearly so I cant wait to read it and as soon as i have i will review. I cant wait to read it, I have amazing things about both the book and the author so I'll let yous know what I think once I've read it. 

 Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the French Kiss is only a fairly recent read of mine but its has already become one of my favourite books,its a cute read for anyone who wants something that will put a smile on their face and fall in love at the same time. It follow Anna as she leaves the USA to spend her senior year in a french boarding school (that's right France!) Finding new friends, new adventures and new romance in the city of love is the perfect read while you relax in the sun with a nice cold drink by your side. 

Stolen - Lucy Christopher

This book is slightly different to the other books in this post as it deals with more serious issues than those used in the other novels. This novel follows Gemma, a 16 year old girl as she is stolen away by a mysterious man and taken to an isolated cabin in the middle of the Australian outback. As she tries to escape she learns about her kidnapper and why he took her. Although my description sounds beyond serious its actually quite a light-hearted read with a great ending. I cannot recommend this book enough. If you ever want a novel with a twist that makes you think this is the book for you.    

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

From the same writer as Anna and the french kiss, comes Lola and the boy next door, which has the same witty dialogue, lovable new characters and amazing comedic language that will always leave a smile on your face even after you have turned the last page. This novels follow Lola, a budding fashion designer with two dads and an older boyfriend but what would she do when an old neighbour moves back in next door? normally nothing, but when that neighbour is the sweet,handsome Cricket bell , an old crush, things for Lola might get slightly complicated. Any fans of the first Stephanie Perkins novel "Anna and the french kiss" will immensely enjoy this book and will be happy to see some familiar faces make a cameo. Perfect summer read for anyone who loves a bit of chick-lit.

 Those are my top 5 summer reads, if you have read any of them i would love to know what you think of them and also what your favourite books are to read in the summer.

Write again soon xxx 

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