Review : The One - Kiera Cass

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Review : The One - Kiera Cass

The Selection changed America Singer's life in ways she never could have imagined. Since she entered the competition to become the next princess of Illéa, America has struggled with her feelings for her first love, Aspen—and her growing attraction to Prince Maxon. Now she's made her choice . . . and she's prepared to fight for the future she wants.
*Cautionary Warning- This review has major spoilers so if you haven't read the book yet, read it and come back. I don't want to spoil it for you

For a long time The Selection has been one of my favourite series and I was beyond excited to have the final book in the series, I couldn't wait to find out how the series would end. What America would do? Who would she pick? Would it end in the way I wanted it to or not? Thankfully I got my copy in the post so I could find out.

Okay I don't even know where to start when talking about this book, AAHH! first of all it was definitely worth waiting for so many reasons, which I'll talk about in a bit, but overall I adored the book, the writing was amazing as usual, draws the reader straight into the world within the book, the plot was so rich with more than one story line going on so there is always something going on while the main competition is going on which always keeps me on my toes which I love in a story , so thank you Kiera for that.Like any other book there are plot twist but oh my god there are quite a few so you are always surprised. I loved the ending and was ecstatic to discover how the series ended and I was very happy with the result. It is an amazing series, definitely one of my top five favourite series, the only downside to the series to me is that its over, I want more! but thankfully I have the novellas to read so thankfully their world is still open to me. Okay time to talk in more detail :D

 One reason I was looking forward to reading this book so much was simply to see what would happen with the characters, and to be perfectly honest so much happened with them that I would never have dreamed of. Celeste, the only elite I despised when I began the book, I wanted her to be thrown out of the competition and get her just deserts but oh my god I have never had my view change on a character so drastically, I adore her now, when I read about her crying I couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards her and then her asking the other elite for forgiveness , after this point she became one of favourite characters especially when she helps America on some many occasions, we get to see her true nature which I loved seeing, I thought she was going to live happily after the Selection and remain friends with America and the other Elite but when it came to rebels attacking and she was shot, I felt so lost I have never felt my  heart plummet so much when Celeste died she had so quickly gained my favor and was ripped so quickly from the story. I will never think of Celeste in the same bitter way I did before this book. I loved her character just wished she had lived enough to see happiness.

If there was one character i will never change my view on, it will be King Clarkson. I despise him, he was the most horrible, manipulative and every other negative personality trait someone can have. He was just so evil!!!  I hate him for manipulating America, his disregard for anyone who didn't just bow down to him and obey his every command and most of all and the reason i hate him most, is because of what he did to Maxon. He is just evil and I know its probably cruel to say but I'm glad Kiera killed him off, so no one would ever have to go through the pain and cruelty that he caused.

Now for the main three; Aspen, America and Maxon. Aspen, I am happy with how his story ended, ending up with Lucy and remaining friends with America, and the epilogue was so cute having him walk her down the aisle was just perfect to see them together and happy with how their lives. I thought the way he acted throughout the book was totally admirable, in comparison to the previous books where he acted in my opinion like a lovesick puppy, especially all of the times he helped America and even when he tried to tell her about Lucy. He definitely redeemed himself for me. 

America , America ,America. Where do I begin, I was slightly annoyed at her at the end of The Elite because of how she was acting with Aspen and Maxon but she really grew out of that in The One she knew that her heart belonged to Maxon and fought for him, which I am so glad for because I always wanted them to be together. Also I loved how we saw more than her Elite side in this book, as we got to see her with the northern rebels , standing up to the King and even seeing her at her lowest point, I loved seeing all these parts of her because it makes her even more real to me, and then I can totally relate with her so I loved her completely in this book, and I was completely behind every decision she made in this book whereas in the previous two i thought she was being idiotic and sometimes juvenile with her decisions. But I adore her and she is one of the best heroines I have read in a long time.

Now Maxon, oh Maxon, the charming Prince,definitely lives up to that title in this book with the adorable manners and cute quirks that he has, especially the way he is with every character he never speaks down (okay once he does but he doesn't mean it) and mostly his affection for America is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure of reading, like when he writes America love letters while she is mourning her father and his worry over her being shot and almost being taken out of his world, is the most beautiful thing ever to read. The only fault I had with Maxon in this book was towards the end of the book and he finds out about America and Aspens past and then freaks out on America and doesn't give her a chance to explain and almost ruins both of their lives by deciding to marry Kriss, as much as I love Maxon I couldn't help but be so frustrated at him for this, he could at least have let her explain without acting like a spoilt child when something didn't go his way. Thankfully he redeemed himself and came to his senses and realised how much he loved America and didn't want to live without her.

Thats enough about the characters, even though they are amazing. There are so many other things in the novel that made it so great to read, such as finally seeing the girls being nice to each other without any backstabbing whatsoever, it was great to see the girls support each other and see how the all needed each other it was just great to see their friendship grow especially when they had a pamper day to themselves and they borrowed Maxon's camera to take silly photographs, I loved seeing the girls like this. 

The hidden conspiracies that were going on in the background of the story were so interesting to discover especially with the northern rebels siding with Maxon and America to fight the southern rebels,finding out that both America's dad and Kriss are both rebels was a shock but so intriguing to find out about because I would never have suspected them of it, and even when America got Nicoletta involved i loved seeing how far she was willing to go to do what was right for the country and break down the castes and keeping the people protected with the northern rebels help. This story line showed a new side to many of the characters which was good to see them as than one thing.

There were so many plot twists, I had to keep rereading over sentences to make sure I had understood correctly what was happening, like the frequent attacks by the southerners, when Aspen helped Maxon and America out of the palace to meet with the northern rebels and America gets shot, the conviction of the thieves and America openly defied the King (I loved that bit!) America involving the Italians, Celeste's death and then of course finding out Maxon was King after the attack (I really wish Amberly hadn't died I really liked her) I love the plot twists it kept me guessing a lot which I love in a book. This one definitely kept me on my toes with suspicions so I'm glad of that.

And lastly the ending, when everything started to go down hill I had my suspicions about how this could all be resolved and end in the way I wanted it to, and sure enough it did, I predicted the southern rebels to attack otherwise A) what would be the point of all the talk of the northerners protecting them and B) It would be the only way for Maxon to realise how much he loved America and would always protect her. I am so glad I was right ( though I wished Celeste and Amberly had survived) because Maxon came to his senses , but when America couldn't find him my heart just sank completely, I was just in shock, Maxon couldn't die, he just couldn't she couldn't build this up for three books just to have him die within the last few pages, and then i read on. He was alive and King which was pretty out of the blue I must admit but thankfully It meant he and America could be together at last. And then the epilogue... OH MY GOD it was so cute, America on her wedding day, with Marlee as her bridesmaid like they talked about which was incredibly sweet, and Aspen walking her down the Aisle which I thought was a great final point in their relationship, and then Maxon with his "Hello, my dear" just made my heart absolutely melt it was so adorable ending their story with the words that began it.

I could honestly go on for hours about this book as you can probably guess, it is one of my  favourite series, and I am so glad to have read it, it ended perfectly and without any loose ends with is amazing, and I couldn't have asked for a better send off with the end of the series.     

Rating : 5 Stars *****

If you have read The Selection series please let me know what you thought of it, were you like me and loved the ending or did you wish some things were different. Please leave a comment and let me know :)

Write again soon xxx   

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