The Shakespeare Problem

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              The Shakespeare Problem

Shakespeare. I bet now that I have mentioned him some people are going to lose interest or fear anything to do with him. And why is this? Because some people hate him, and No hold your horses I don't actually mean William Shakespeare himself, I mean his work, people have truly grown to hate Shakespeare because of many things such as they were taught it in school, and we usually hate any text we are taught in school, the language is too complicated and so unlike our own that we simply can not be bothered to sit and try to understand its complexity. And lets be honest most people today hate it because they don't understand it. 

I know many people who are like this, my own friends and family included. In high school and university, my friends detested Shakespeare because it was so unlike our lives now a days, and the language was abnormal, I cant tell you the amount of times I have heard " Why couldn't he have just spoke normally instead of using this language, its confusing" I couldn't tell you because I've lost count. I even asked my mother who is very much a bookworm like myself if she wanted to go see a Shakespeare play next year and she answered " No, its boring" I told her it wasn't and asked her why it was boring and she replied " its too complicated why cant they talk normally" again so many people shy away from Shakespeare because they don't understand it, and it really infuriates me, and you know why ? 

Because I love Shakespeare.

 I always have ever since I was little, and yes that may make me seem like a complete nerd but I don't care, throughout my life I have been surrounded by Shakespeare from when I first saw Romeo and Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio when I was nine, doing a scene from Macbeth when I was in Year 6 , learning A Midsummer's Night Dream in year 8, and watching the ballet, Being in productions of Romeo and Juliet, Doing my year 10 coursework on Romeo and Juliet, going to see A Midsummer's Night Dream performed in my city with my Drama Group and studying both Othello and Macbeth for my A-levels and then seeing Macbeth performed and even now in university, one of the English exams was on Hamlet.And I loved every minute of it.

So I think it is pretty clear to say I am a fan of Shakespeare and it does annoy me when people say they don't like Shakespeare for reasons as "it's confusing" "its boring" or even "it's depressing" I can assure you these are completely false, Shakespeare is different that is true but it is not confusing if you just listen to or read the words its easy to understand, I have never come across any of Shakespeare's works that were boring so give them a chance you might like them. Okay some of them can be depressing but that's because they are tragedies, they don't have happy endings, but Shakespeare did write comedy plays which one of my favourites is "Much ado about nothing" trust me watch it or read it and you'll love it, it was even performed by David Tennant and Catherine Tate so it cant be bad. So if you think you'll always be depressed by Shakespeare definitely give that one ago and you will definitely change your mind. Even if you're starting Shakespeare, it is a really good starting point, the language is easy to understand, its funny and its the age old story; two people are perfect for each other and everyone knows it but them, so give it a go, and next time you see a Shakespeare play advertised or have to study his work for school don't be to quick to judge it because I promise you Shakespeare is not boring.

Write again soon.

Holly x        


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