Blogmas Day 12 : Favourite Christmas Tutorials

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As it getting colder and the nights are getting darker in the evenings, I feel like there is nothing better than making some Christmas comfort food to warm you up and feel all fuzzy inside, however as I'm not the best cook I usually watch YouTube tutorials and follow them, so I thought I would give you my favourite tutorials for comfort food for Christmas. Enjoy! * Disclaimer - I dont own these videos 

1. 3 Quick & Easy Christmas Recipes! -Tanya Burr

2. DIY Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate -Zoella


3. DIY Spiced Orange Hot Chocolate! - Fleur DeForce

4. Baking White & Milk Chocolate Cookies - Tanya Burr ( I know it's not Christmassy but it's good comfort food )

And there is nothing more like comfort food at Christmas than a Christmas Dinner

5.Festive Feast with Zoella & PointlessBlog - Mums Eye View

I hope you enjoy this, and it makes you want to make some comfort food for you and your friends / family.

13 Days Til Christmas
Write again soon 
Holly x

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