Blogmas Day 13 - Festive Spirit and An Update

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Hi Everyone, today I am sorry for two things; 1. That this post is up later than it normally is. and 2. That it's not Christmas themed, Im sorry. 

So its time for an update: There are a lot of things going on in my life right now, with looming university deadlines for assignments,as now Im in my second year and my marks count, and I really need to get great marks for what I want to do after University, so that added pressure is starting to play on me.

Trying to make travel arrangements for over Christmas time so I can see my friends and family when I have time, getting everyone presents and worrying whether they will like them or not and being completely stumped when not knowing what to buy, for people who are important to me. 

Looking for a job for when I'm not in Uni but at the same time trying to get an internship at a publishers for any break I get from my studies.

And lastly my blog, I love blogging with all my heart but sometimes it is worrying when I cant think of a post idea( which happened today) but today I want to actually write something from me personally, as I rarely talk about what is going on in my life away from blogging. I love doing blogmas, and Im so glad that I'm sticking with it even though there have been a few hiccups with planned posts that kind of fell short I am loving it all the same.

Now that leads me to now, after having one of the most stressful days I have had in a long time yesterday, I thought today I would have a chilled out day as me, my sister and my mum are heading into Town to do some shopping, go for a meal and then go and see a panto to get us in the Festive spirit. (see there is some festive spirit in this post) so today I wanted to write a chilled out post, no embellishment, no sparkles, just me. 

I'm sorry if this post seems kind of down, I just really wanted to write and get my thoughts out there, as I know in my blog posts I like to come across and constantly happy and cheery and normally I am like that, but there is the online me and the real me, the real me does stress and worry but who doesnt? Im just glad I have the online me to cheer myself up when I need it. I promise tomorrow's post will be Christmas themed and happy and cheery 

12 Days til Christmas
Write again soon 
Holly x    

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