Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas TV

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Christmas TV has kind of become a institution over the past few years, everyone gathering around to watch the TV specials,a bunch of films and christmas episodes of their favourite shows, all because its Christmas. So I had a look at what is to come for Christmas TV and here are some of my favourites and ones I will definitley check out. Enjoy!

1. Doctor Who 
Do I even need to explain this? Its the Doctor Who Christmas Special! its amazing and a true British tradition! 

Honestly I havent seen this but I have heard nothing but amazing reviews and since the third movie is coming out this christmas I think I need to catch up.

3.Michael Buble's Christmas Special 2014 
Its Michael Buble. Enough said.

Do you want to build a snowman? Yes!

5.Mrs Browns Boys
Cant beat a bit of Irish comedy ;)

Well those are the shows and films I'll be watching over Christmas, but are will you be watching? Please tell me in the comments :) 

11 Days til Christmas 
Write again soon
Holly x

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