Blogmas Day 17 - Winter Wind Down

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Hiya Everyone! It's that week where most of the UK is having their last week of school and University, so it is a stressful time period due to exams and end of term tests, and for me personally I like to make sure I have some time to relax so I don't have a breakdown from stress. Relaxing is something we all need from time to time so here are my tips for relaxing especially in Winter.

1. Have a nice long bath with lush products - I have been obsessed with Lush products for a very long time and baths are one the most relaxing thing ever, so put them both together is perfection.

2. Baking - this might sound weird but whenever I feel stressed or worried or any kind of bad emotion I like to bake cookies , cakes and brownies. The process is just therapeutic and you get to eat what you have made after it.

3. Read a book - in order to wind down, reading will take your mind off anything happening in your life, and will calm yourself down, and wrap up warm with a warm blanket and hot drink.

4.Write - writing has been known to help people to relax as people use it as a type of therapy but it's great if you wish to get your thoughts on paper.

And the easiest...

5. Take a nap - naps will help you to slow down your heart rate and makes your breath steady and will make you feel refreshed and will feel less stressed and make you feel relaxed,

So there are my ways in order to relax, please tell what yours are in the comments.
8 Days til Christmas 
Write again soon 
Holly x
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