Blogmas Day 18 - #TBSecretSanta

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Hiya Everyone! Its almost chirstmas noe, which means family, friends, gifts and secret Santa, which I took part in this year thanks to the fabulous Holly and Orli! Thank you, you two you are awesome, so a bunch of book bloggers did secret Santa using the hash tag #TBSecretSanta , and earlier this week we all received our gifts.
 My Secret Santa was none other than the brilliant and amazing Charli!!! Who got me amazing gifts so thank you so much. I love Charli and her blog so please go check out her blog, its fantastic. Now back to Secret Santa, here are the gifts that Charli got me

1.Girl Online - Zoe Sugg ( Again I know the controversy and I dont care I like the story so I love it)
2. A beautiful notebook, which I adore the graphics are gorgeous and being a writer you can never have enough notebooks so thank you Charli! 

3. A Lindt Snowflake, it was delicious and didn't last long enough for me to take a picture so sorry for the stock photo it was too delicious to not eat.

4. One of the cutest cards ever!!! Charli your message was soo cute and made me smile so thank you immensely! (ps. Love the fox)

So those are my presents sent to me by the wonderful Charli, please check out her blog! and have a wonderful Christmas

7 Days til Christmas
Write again soon
Holly x

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