Blogmas Day 21- My Christmas Wishlist

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Hiya Everyone! We're almost there! Only a few more days til Christmas and through blogmas I have seen a lot of Christmas wishlists on blogs and I thought it was a cool idea. So here is now 2014 Christmas Wishlist. Enjoy!

2 .Ukulele (I'm obsessed with Ukuleles at the moment and I am dying to have one, Id love to learn)

3.Phone Projector  (This is sooo cool)

4. A Desk (Yes I know its boring, but Id love to have one)

5. Ouran High School Host Club DVD ( Kind of loving this anime)

6. Beauty and the Beast Jumper ( Its Perfect)

6. Mac Red Lipstick ( Every girl needs red lipstick )

7.Friends Season 1 - 10 Box Set (Doesnt need an explanation)

8.Eevee Plushie (My favourite Pokemon)

9.Naked 3 Palette (Its Beautiful)

and Lastly ...

10. Tickets to see Ed Sheeran Live. ( Love his music!)

Okay that is my Christmas Wishlist if I was allowed free reign. Hope you all liked it, please tell me what would be one your Christmas wishlists.
4 Days til Christmas
Write again soon
Holly x

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