Blogmas Day 3 - Bookish Gift Guide

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As it coming round to Christmas we will all have to do the dreaded Christmas shopping with being constantly stuck in queues, worrying whether people will like what you have given them and lastly the time  of year when you are constantly asked "What do you want for Christmas?" and you have no idea what you want, so I thought I would give you a few ideas as I'm sure anyone who reads this is slightly if not completely bookish, so here are a few bookish gift that might help you answer that question next time you are asked.

1. Novel Posters -The literary gift company 
 These posters of famous novels such as Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan have the entire novel written on them behind iconic pictures of the novel. Beautiful posters Prices vary from £23 - £26 

2.Notebooks - Paperchase
Yes I know its beyond simple but notebooks are beautiful and you can never have enough notebooks, especially when they are from paperchase. Prices vary from - £2.50 - £10 

3. Practically anything on DFTBA 

4.Book Scented Candles -
Need I say more?

And Lastly... If you cant think of anything else ....

5. Waterstones/Local bookstore Giftcard -
To add to your ever growing book collection 

Hope this all helps you when you are asked what you want for Christmas this year.

22 Days til Christmas 

Write again soon 

Holly x 

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