Blogmas Day 8 - Best Christmas Films

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There is nothing better on these cold winter nights than to curl up on the sofa and watch Christmas movies to get you in the Christmas spirit. So here's my five favourite Christmas to get you into the mood for the big day.

1. The Holiday 

Two women who are unlucky in love swap lives for Christmas, and might just find love along the way.Without a doubt one of my favorite Christmas film, of all time. If you want a cute rom-com, feel good christmas film, this is the one for you. Stars Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. 

2. Home Alone 

One of the most loved Christmas films going, I don't think I even need to explain the concept of this film because everyone knows and love it. Stars Macaulay Culkin
3. Elf 

Everyone knows Elf, its one of those perfect Christmas films that you are brought up with, and no matter how many times you have seen it, you always laugh at the jokes. Will Ferrel as Buddy the Elf is one of the best comedic characters you will find this christmas season. Stars Will Ferrel

4. The Grinch 

The Grinch is a childhood classic of mine, every year in school we would sit down and watch The Grinch. Such a heartwarming funny family Christmas film as The Grinch, a green miserable man plans to steal Christmas from the people of Whoovile, until a little girl shows him the good things about Christmas. Stars Jim Carrey 

5. The Santa Clause
I think this may have been the first Christmas film I ever remember watching so I do this film a lot, and it a favourite of my families aswell, its not christmas in my house until we've seen this film. Stars Tim Allen

17 Days Til Christmas 

Write again soon 

Holly x

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