Goodbye 2014

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So 2014 is officially over, a full year has passed and so much has happened. Such as ... 

  • Living in University halls with my friends 
  • Went to see Panic! At the Disco with my Best Friend
  • Finished my first year of University
  • Went to see Disney on Ice
  • Went to London
  • Visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • Met Rainbow Rowell 
  • Moved out of Uni halls 
  • Went to see The Fault in Our Stars with my Best Friend
  • Started my 2nd year of University
  • Completed Blogmas 
  • And Of Course I Started Holly Quills and Ivy
2014 has brought me so many great memories and hopefully 2015 will bring more happy memories.

So expect a lot more posts this year as I will be sticking to a blogging schedule (hopefully) and I hope you all have a amazing year !  Please comment below something you did in 2014

Write again soon
Holly x 

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