The Geography of You and Me - Review.

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The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E Smith (Review)

Title : The Geography of You and Me
Author : Jennifer E Smith
Publisher : Headline
Pub Date : 15.4.14 
Format : Paperback 
Pages : 352

Synopsis :
Owen lives in the basement. Lucy lives on the 24th floor. But when the power goes out in the midst of a New York heatwave, they find themselves together for the first time: stuck in a lift between the 10th and 11th floors. As they await help, they start talking...
The brief time they spend together leaves a mark. And as their lives take them to Edinburgh and San Francisco, to Prague and to Portland they can't shake the memory of the time they shared. Postcards cross the globe when they themselves can't, as Owen and Lucy experience the joy - and pain - of first love.
And as they make their separate journeys in search of home, they discover that sometimes it is a person rather than a place that anchors you most in the world.

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I received this book a while ago from Headline thanks to Bookbrigdr so thank you very much for that, and it had took me a very long time to review it so here it is, my review for Jennifer E Smith's The Geography of You and Me

The plot of the book centers around two teenagers; Own and Lucy, who meet when all the power of New York goes out and they are stuck in a lift (Elevator) and their friendship is born. They become quite close until the power comes back on, to when they must return to their normal lives and thus communicate by postcards. 

I love this book so much, especially since it is different to any other contemporary ya book I have read but it is brilliant. When I first of this book, I hadn't really read any Jennifer E Smith books I had only read This is What Happy Looks Like which I adored so of course I gave this a go, and it is truly amazing watching Lucy and Owen go on with their lives apart but still together is brilliant and the way Jennifer E Smith has made it work is magnificent, she is now definitely an author I love and I cannot wait to read her other books .

If you haven't read this yet, I highly recommend it, its cute, its sweet and above all, that its realistic which I adore. The writing is splendid as is the characters and the plot, so please read this, if you are a fan of contemporary you will not be disappointed.

Write again soon 
Holly x   

The Ruby Circle - Review

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The Ruby Circle - Review

*Disclaimer* - Please do not read this review if you have not read the book as it contains SPOILERS and I do not want to spoil anyone who is currently reading it or will read it in the future. Thanks!

Title : The Ruby Circle

Author : Richelle Mead
Series : Bloodlines Series
Publisher : Razorbill
Pub. Date : 10.2.15
Format : Paperback
Pages : 348
Synopsis : Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires. They protect vampire secrets - and human lives.
After their secret romance is exposed, Sydney and Adrian find themselves facing the wrath of both the Alchemists and the Moroi in this electrifying conclusion to Richelle Mead's New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series. When the life of someone they both love is put on the line, Sydney risks everything to hunt down a deadly former nemesis. Meanwhile, Adrian becomes enmeshed in a puzzle that could hold the key to a shocking secret about spirit magic, a secret that could shake the entire Moroi world . . 
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Its no secret how much I adore the Vampire Academy series and now the Bloodlines series, its such an amazing series and its even got pride of place on my bookshelf. This is the final book in the Bloodlines series, which was bittersweet for many fans (including myself) as we would find out how everything ends but there would be no more books. However I couldn't wait to see how Sydney and Adrian's story ended. 

I did have a few suspicions of things before I started reading the books from snippits that Richelle Mead had given us, such as, in this book we would find out who Dimitri's father was (My money was on Nathan Ivashkov) as well as us seeing Rose ans Sydney fight together for the first time ( Which was awesome!)

So the novel begins with Sydney ans Adrian, newly married but hiding away at Moroi court, that is until they are given a lead to finding Jill who went missing at the end of the last book. So of course Sydney goes off to try and find her leaving Adrian to try and keep everyone thinking that they are both still at court, but Adrian starts using spirit again ( I was soo annoyed that he did this but without the plot wouldnt have happened so im glad in the end) to help Nina find her sister which eventually they do only to find out she is pregnant, so the Jill quest gets put on hold while Adrian, Sydney, Rose and Dimitri going to a dhampir commune to find Olive (Nina's sister) whilst there Sydney and Adrian find out that the baby has come from two dhampir parents :Olive and Neil ( This isnt ever supposed to happen so its a big deal) but unfortunatley Olive dies in childbirth and shortly after this we find out that Adrian's uncle is Dimitri's dad (So I wasnt far off, but Yay! Adrian and Dimitri are related!) They take the child to Clarence's to protect it whilst going to find Jill with the help of Sydney's magic and her coven, they find Jill being held by the Warriors of Light (Really fricking hate those guys) and then they rescue her with the help of the Alchemists in return for names of rogue Alchemists (plot twist to find out Sydney's dad is one of them) thankfully everything goes to plan they get Jill back and she goes back to Court to Lissa. Adrian tries to tell Neil about the baby being his son but doesnt want to interfere in his life so his ask Sydney and Adrian to look after him as it would be plausible for them two to have a dhampir baby and not two dhampirs. The book end a year after the events at Christmas at Sydney and Adrian's where they are having an amazing life looking after the baby and being in college (Sydney) and Working (Adrian, yeah I know) and finally ending with the announcement of Rose's and Dimitri's engagement. 

I absolutely adored this book, it was a perfect way to end the series , although I did think it would end slightly differently but I adored all the same and it tied up all the loose ends the story had given us. I would highly recommend this series to anyone and if you haven't finished the series yet you will not be disappointing.

Please tell what you thought of the final book, whether you liked it or disliked it.

Write again soon 
Holly x


When Shadows Fall

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Blurb: A hundred times a hundred seasons have turned since the Goddess banished the Small Gods to the sky, leaving the land to mankind alone.

For Prince Teryk, life behind the castle walls is boring and uneventful until he stumbles upon an arcane scroll in a long-forgotten chamber. The parchment speaks of Small Gods, the fall of man, and the kingdom's savior—the firstborn child of the rightful king. It's his opportunity to prove himself to his father, the king, and assure his place in history. All he needs to do is find the man from across the sea—a man who can't possibly exist—and save mankind.

But ancient magic has been put in motion by a mysterious cult determined to see the Small Gods reborn. Powerful forces clash, uncaring for the lives of mortals in their struggle to prevent the return of the banished ones, or aid in their rebirth.

Named in a prophecy or not, what chance does a cocky prince who barely understands the task laid before him stand in a battle with the gods?


Thunderclap Campaign for the deal days 8-9-10-11 Feb (Get the book for only 99c) 



It rained fire the day the Small Gods fled.

Balls of flame fell from the sky, shattering homes and skulls alike, burning gardens and turning forests to ash, setting alight both farmers’ fields and farmers’ lives with disregard. Much later, it would be said the Goddess banished them for their wicked ways, but on that day, the Small Gods were naught but men and women afraid for their lives. In the eyes of history and legend, the width of the line between banishment and flight is thin.


“Watch out!” the priestess Rak’bana shouted, ducking behind Love—one of the granite Pillars of Life.
A ball of flame hammered into the earth with a spray of dirt and the stench of burnt grass. She covered her head, waiting for the ground to cease shaking before she peeked out from behind her arm to find her twin brother. Ine’vesi peered back at her from around the corner of the next column in the row of nine—Trust.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

 The crackle of flames all but kept his voice from her ears, but they were well enough connected she
knew what he’d ask without needing to hear. She nodded in response and he crept out from behind
the column, the roll of parchment in his hand.

“Time is short, Vesi,” she said. “The Goddess is angry.”

Ine’vesi made no effort to hide the sneer upon his lips as he hurried across the ruined garden to her
side. Before he opened his mouth to spill out the blaspheme imprinted on his brow, she raised her
hand and gestured with her fingers. A thick stream of water the height of five men rose from the river
and flowed across the air. It splashed into the newly lit fire with a hiss of doused flames and white
steam billowing toward the sky. Another ball of fire crashed into the top edge of the nearest wall,
sending chunks of stone tumbling to the ground. The twin siblings ducked their heads.

“We have to go,” she urged.

“Out of the city.” Ine’vesi brandished the roll of parchment. “Once we have inscribed the scroll, it will
not be safe here. The wrong hands will find it.”

A fiery ball crashed into the base of a towering pine, its flames leaping up the trunk, spreading through its branches, jumping to the next tree like a playful squirrel, then skipping to the next. Rak’bana raised her hand again, intending to call the river and extinguish the fire to save her garden, but Ine’vesi caught her by the wrist.

“Let it burn, Bana. Let it be a testament to the unjust wrath of a jealous Goddess.”

Author bio:
Bruce Blake lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. When pressing issues like shovelling snow and building igloos don't take up his spare time, Bruce can be found taking the dog sled to the nearest coffee shop to work on his short stories and novels.

Bruce's first short story, "Another Man's Shoes" was published in the Winter 2008 edition of Cemetery Moon. Another short, "Yardwork," was made into a podcast in Oct., 2011 by Pseudopod. Bruce's first Icarus Fell novel, "On Unfaithful Wings", was published in Dec., 2011 while the follow up, "All Who Wander Are Lost", came out in July, 2012. The third in the series, "Secrets of the Hanged Man", came out in July, 2013. The first part of his Khirro's Journey epic fantasy trilogy, "Blood of the King", was released Sept., 2012, book 2, "Spirit of the King," in Dec., 2012, and book 3, "Heart of the King," in Feb., 2013.

The two books in the Small Gods series, "When Shadows Fall" and "The Darkness Comes", were released in 2013, after which Bruce took a year out to concentrate on his family and career. Book three in the Small Gods series is Bruce Blake's current project.


January Favourites

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Hi Everyone! I thought today I would share with you some of the things I have been enjoying through the month of January. These favourites Books, Beauty, Tv and Lifestyle.


This month I have been loving reading Manga, and two series in particular. The 'Ouran High School Host Club' series and the 'Kamisama Kiss' series, I had watched both the animes before reading the manga but now that I have I love them, although I have the first two books in each series, I highly recommend them if you love manga.


This month I have been obsessed with two lipsticks, both Barry M and both were bought for me as Christmas Presents as I had been wanting darker shades of lipsticks. I received the shaded LPS1 which has a  metallic silver casing, and it a very deep red colour which I am using a lot lately, I think I might need to repurchase this lipstick soon.
The other lipstick I received is in the shade 160 which has a metallic pink casing and it is a dark plum colour which looks beautiful for the winter months, both I highly recommend as they both last a very long time, and they are very affordable.


Lately with TV I've mostly been watching a range of different things, as in January I carried on watching an old sitcom from the 90's which is The Nanny, I found out about a while ago because of GIF's on tumblr and ever since I've been hooked, its about a woman who becomes a nanny for a very rich family, but she is not the best at being a nanny and hilarity ensues. It's an amazing series and I've almost finished it, I'm on the last series! Honestly is you love the 90's or sitcoms in general I'm sure you will love it.
Another show I have been loving is Sword Art Online, which is an anime about a boy called Kirito who becomes locked in a game where the only way to get out of the game is to win, and if you die in the game you die in real life. Amazing show, I practically marathoned the first season because I couldn't stop watching, I was hooked on it, can't wait to watch the next series. I would recommend this to anyone who loves anime or anyone who wants to start.


Lifestyle wise, there are a few things I am loving, but first is a Christmas present my parents got me: a Ukelele! I have been wanting one for about a year, and I'm loving it, and I've learned a few songs on it already such as 'La Vie En Rose' Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' and 'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver. Hopefully I've able to play it perfectly soon and maybe write my own songs :D 

Another musical thing I've been loving is the Into The Woods soundtrack, the music is brilliant, I'm constantly singing the songs from the film, which I haven't seen yet, but cant wait to as I adore musicals and the cast is amazing! My favourites so far are 'On the Steps of the Palace' and 'No one is Alone'. Such amazing songs.

So those are my January Favourites please tell me in the comments what you have been loving in January.

Write again soon 
Holly x

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