January Favourites

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Hi Everyone! I thought today I would share with you some of the things I have been enjoying through the month of January. These favourites Books, Beauty, Tv and Lifestyle.


This month I have been loving reading Manga, and two series in particular. The 'Ouran High School Host Club' series and the 'Kamisama Kiss' series, I had watched both the animes before reading the manga but now that I have I love them, although I have the first two books in each series, I highly recommend them if you love manga.


This month I have been obsessed with two lipsticks, both Barry M and both were bought for me as Christmas Presents as I had been wanting darker shades of lipsticks. I received the shaded LPS1 which has a  metallic silver casing, and it a very deep red colour which I am using a lot lately, I think I might need to repurchase this lipstick soon.
The other lipstick I received is in the shade 160 which has a metallic pink casing and it is a dark plum colour which looks beautiful for the winter months, both I highly recommend as they both last a very long time, and they are very affordable.


Lately with TV I've mostly been watching a range of different things, as in January I carried on watching an old sitcom from the 90's which is The Nanny, I found out about a while ago because of GIF's on tumblr and ever since I've been hooked, its about a woman who becomes a nanny for a very rich family, but she is not the best at being a nanny and hilarity ensues. It's an amazing series and I've almost finished it, I'm on the last series! Honestly is you love the 90's or sitcoms in general I'm sure you will love it.
Another show I have been loving is Sword Art Online, which is an anime about a boy called Kirito who becomes locked in a game where the only way to get out of the game is to win, and if you die in the game you die in real life. Amazing show, I practically marathoned the first season because I couldn't stop watching, I was hooked on it, can't wait to watch the next series. I would recommend this to anyone who loves anime or anyone who wants to start.


Lifestyle wise, there are a few things I am loving, but first is a Christmas present my parents got me: a Ukelele! I have been wanting one for about a year, and I'm loving it, and I've learned a few songs on it already such as 'La Vie En Rose' Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' and 'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver. Hopefully I've able to play it perfectly soon and maybe write my own songs :D 

Another musical thing I've been loving is the Into The Woods soundtrack, the music is brilliant, I'm constantly singing the songs from the film, which I haven't seen yet, but cant wait to as I adore musicals and the cast is amazing! My favourites so far are 'On the Steps of the Palace' and 'No one is Alone'. Such amazing songs.

So those are my January Favourites please tell me in the comments what you have been loving in January.

Write again soon 
Holly x

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