19 things I have learnt in my 19 years

My time as a teenager is shortly coming to a close as next month I will be turning 20, which is very scary to me, as it kind of symbolises not being a child anymore, and finally growing up (although I don't want to, and want to stay a child forever)  but while I can still say I am 19 years old and a teenager, I wanted to share some of the things I have learnt through my nineteen years. Enjoy! 
  1. Disney is awesome at any age, do not let anyone tell you otherwise
  2. Boys are not scary!
  3. Do not worry about what other people say about you
  4. Going to bed early is actually amazing, and your body will love you for it
  5. People change.
  6. Moving away is scary, but it can turn out to be the best decision you made,
  7. Grades aren't everything. Don't let yourself fall apart because of them 
  8. Don't let other people put you down for doing things that you love
  9. No dream is too big. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  10. Not everyone is going to like you, (get over it)
  11. Eating Tomato soup everyday for four weeks is never a good idea.
  12. It is okay to ask for help
  13. Late night chats that keep going til 6am are the best kind 
  14. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing
  15. You don't have to drink just because everyone else. Sticking to water is fine
  16. Money does not last forever so don't spend it all in one go otherwise your food diet will be number 11.
  17. Cook food properly, especially if its chicken, you DO NOT want food poisoning
  18. It is okay to make mistakes, just learn from them                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           And Lastly...
      19. It's okay to not know what exactly you're doing with your life,just keep going, you'll figure it out one day. 

Well those are some of the things I have learnt in my 19 years, if you have any things you have learnt in your teenage years, please let me know : ) 
Write again soon xxx
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Only after a week of being invited to my first ever blogger event,  I was invited to another, and oh my goodness I had the best time ever! So two Thursdays ago I was in my break between classes when I see I had a twitter message from Sammy from Little Fickle asking me if I would like to go to a blogger event that Saturday, and so of course I said yes! So the day came I was slightly nervous as again I am still very new to this, but I knew some of the girls who were going which made me feel better.

 I headed into town to head to the event which was being held in a really nice bar called Kabinett( near the philharmonic hall) I had got there a little early so I checked through the hashtag to see what everyone was up to, and which I then look up to see Jemma ( who I met at the previous blogger event) walking towards me, I was so happy to see her, we got on really well, at the last blogger event, she was so sweet to me and is genuinely one of the nicest bloggers ever, so I was so happy to see her, and was then introduced to Laura (who is lovely), to whom we all chatted for a while, whilst we waited for everyone to arrive. When they did I recognised some bloggers I knew and was very glad to see and some new faces who I was about to meet.

We all headed into the bar, which was beautiful, I wish I had taken pictures now, but it was a reaaly nice place, I recommend it to anyone. We were all given goodie bags when we arrived after which we all introduced ourselves to each other and started chatting to every one, at one point, more or less everyone were just sitting in one big group chatting and eating cupcakes (supplied by helloand), it was brilliant and there was never a quiet moment, everyone was so lovely and I got to see lots of lovely bloggers I knew such as Jemma , Aisling , Holly, and met some amazingly lovely new bloggers who are all so sweet and lovely : Sammy (Who organised the whole event, you did a amazing job!) Katy, Olivia, Emma, Laura , Emma and many many more. 

During the event we got to chat to two lovely ladies who were showing us brands and their amazing products the first was Junkbox, a fashion company (whose designs are beyond gorgeous) and Carrie (the lady who represented them, was absolutely lovely, she was very enthusiastic about the brand and as talking to us all about the history and the designs, even a few of the girls bought stuff, and I would have too if my bank balance would have allowed it. The other brand there was Natalie Roche who distribute other brands such as Amazing Cosmetics, GLAMGLOW, and Xen Tan. These were all represented by the lovely Lucy, she spoke to us a lot about the product from all three brands and how they work and everything about them it was fascinating and she was king enough to give us all some samples of the products to try out.

After all this it was drawing to the end of the event to when the raffle was being drawn, all the money raised was going to Claires House Childrens Hospice and  Freshfields Animal Rescue. After the raffle was over we all grabbed our belongings and goodie bags, and left the bar to say goodbye to some of the bloggers who were leaving. Some bloggers were heading into town to go for something to eat and they invited me (thank you for inviting me ) so we headed to Las Iguanas in Liverpool 1 for some food, although the service wasnt the best as some of the girls food took over an hour to arrive I still had a really nice time. Once we had all finished our food we left Las Iguanas and said our goodbyes to everyone and all promised to meet up again soon, and then parted ways to go home. This blogger event was honestly amazing! Thank you so much to Sammy for hosting it and organising it, I had a brilliant time and cant wait to see everyone again! x   
Helloand Cupcakes, Me and Jemma 
 Here is everything I received in my goodie bags!
Face/ Make up
Our gift bags were provided by Wild Thang (@wildthangone) the cupcakes by HelloAnd... (@HelloAndIndulge) and  thanks the fabulous venue Kabinett (@Kabinett_wmc)
All the brands who were generous enough to donate products to the goodie bags :
Sophie La Girafe - @SLG_Cosmetics
Smooch Cosmetics (Playboy Lipstick) - @SmoochCosmetics
Nail HQ -@NailHQ
Popband - @LoveThePopband
Blistex - @BlistexUK
Halo Wipes - @HaloWipes
DHC - @DHCUK_Skincare
Aromaworks - @aroma_works
Sweet Cecily's - @sweetcecilys
Macadamia - @macadamiaoil
Vita Liberata -@vitaliberata
Faust's Potions - @faustspotions
Crabtree And Evelyn - @CrabtreeUK
Witch Skincare - @WitchSkincare
Skinetica - @Skinetica
Cellublue - @Cellublue
Busy B Stationary - @CleverBusyB
Mavala - @MavalaUK
Lipcote - @LoveLipcote
Balance Active - @Balanceactive
Weleda - @WeledaUK
Little Ondine - @LittleOndineUK
Border Biscuits - @BorderBiscuits
The Dessert Counter - @dessertcounter
Virtue Iced Tea - @virtuedrinks
Mello Mallo - @yomellomallo
Bespoke Bracelets - @BespokeBracelet
Hairy Jayne - @hairyjayne
Post It - @postitproducts
Vichy - @vickyUK
Propercorn - @PROPERCORN
Kiss HQ (Balmi) - @GoBalmi

And lastly some brands were very kind and gave us all some discount codes for you all to use : 

thepopband.com - 10% off code :  THANKYOU10
ww.littlemoose.co.uk  - 20% off code : LM20
BusyB.co.uk - 20% off code : BLOG20
www.xen-tan.co.uk - 20% off code : WELOVEBLOGGERS
www.glamglowmud.co.uk - 20% off code : WELOVEBLOGGERS
www.amazingcosmetics.co.uk - 20% off code : WELOVEBLOGGERS

Write again soon xxx

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Questions About Books Tag


Hi Everyone! Whilst scrolling through different blogs I found this really great book tag, which asks loads of basic book questions that I have never answered so I thought it would be a good idea that I answered them. Enjoy! x

                                                        Who is your favourite author?                                                              I actually have two favourite authors because I cant just pick one, so mine are J.K Rowling and Richelle Mead.      
                                                      What genre do you prefer?                                                                                                             
 I prefer to read YA novels but within that I'm open to any genre within that except horror, crime and thriller , they're just not my style of book to read.

                                              What is your favourite book series?                                                                                         
 Again I have two: the Harry Potter series and the Bloodlines series, I can read them over and over again.

                                          What books did you hate reading in school?                                                                                 
 I can't ever remember any books I hated to read in school, the only kind I can think of are text books

                                What is the first book you remember reading as a child?                                                     
 First book, oh goodness I think it was a series my sister had when I was very very little an I think they were called the My naughty little sister books.

                                                              Bookstores or libraries                                                                                                          

                                                   How many books do you own?                                                                                                      
 I think I have about near enough 200 books, not sure though

                                                          Do you read before bed?                                                                                                           
Yes that's when I do most of my reading 

                                          What is your most comfortable reading position?                                              
  Just simply sitting on my bed

                                                What is the most recent book you read?                                                                           
      That is The Sin Eater's Daughter,  I'm loving it so far

What quote from any book will you never forget? Why is it significant?    
Centrum Permanebit, it's from the Bloodlines series and it's Latin, it translates to mean 'the center will hold' I guess it's significant because it reminds me that there will always to something that will always be there in your life.

                                                         Science Fiction or Fantasy?                                                                                                  
Fantasy without a doubt :)

                                                     What books do you regret reading?                                                                                           
                                 We Were Liars , I'm sorry if you like it but I didn't enjoy it                                         
                                                    How large is your bookshelf?                                                                                                         
                I have a billy bookcase from IKEA and it reaches the ceiling of my room so it is very big

            On average, how many books do you read per year?  
   Per year I would say I read about 40 books

                            What book can you read hundreds of times and never get tired of?                                         
   My favourite series as well as The Selection series, never can be bored of reading them

                                                           Do you like to read outside?                                                                                                         
 Only ever if it is a really nice summers day otherwise I will read inside

                                    What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a book?                                                            
  Oh that's a hard question, when writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen

                                 Of the past year, what is the greatest book you’ve read?                                                            
Greatest book would have to be The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

Right well those are all of the questions, if you want to answer these questions, go ahead it's fun to answer them.

Write again soon x

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#NWBloggermeet - My First Blogger Event


#NWBloggermeet - My First Blogger Event

Last week I got to go to my first ever blogger event.Which was absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for a nicer meet up and for nicer bloggers to meet. But I'll talk about that in a bit and I'll start at the beginning.

This event was planned by the fabulous Katie from Curvaceous Beauty  and she posted on twitter saying there were some places open to go to the blogger event so I emailed her and she said yes! So finally the day came and honestly I was really nervous, as I had no idea what it would be like, I had never meet another blogger before in real life but everyone was talking using the hash tag #NWBloggermeet so I could see who was going which made me feel a little better.

I arrived a little early to the meet up which gave me a chance to talk to Katie and some other of the girls when they turned up which was lovely, until we were all lead in to where the event was held, which was The Button Boutique (which is the absolute cutest place I have ever been!) After a while of everyone getting settled, we had the lovely Georgia from She Might Be Loved  as a guest speaker, and she talked about 'How to run a successful blog' and answered many questions we had to ask her, and this was amazing, to hear other people talk about blogging and everything surrounding it, such as advertising, business and getting your blog name out there, and for a blogger who is still quite new to this, it was so helpful to hear.

After Georgia had finished talking to us and answering questions, we had two brands come and talk to us which were, a jewelry company called Stella and Dot, who products are beautiful and Tropic Skincare who brought some hand cream for us to try, which made our hands feel so soft, it was brilliant.

After the brands I had talked to us, we were offered tea and cake and given the chance to mingle with all the other bloggers. Everyone was so lovely and I got to meet some amazing people, and got to chat a lot about blogging, and I even got to meet Jemma, whose blog I have adored for a very long time, and she is so insanely sweet, I'm so glad I got to meet her , we spent a lot of time talking about different aspects of blogging, and she gave me some amazing advice for blogging which was so helpful, so Thank You Jemma!.

After a little bit of mingling we decided to have a look at what the brands had brought to show us. Stella and Dot, had brought lots of jewelry with them, and oh my god it was beautiful, they had statement necklaces, delicate necklaces, rings, purses and a lot more, whilst Tropic skincare had brought a lot of their skincare range as well as many make-up products that they produce. All of the products shown to us were amazing and would definitely recommend to anyone.

After all this, a few of the bloggers started to head home, however a fair few of us stayed to keep chatting as a group, which was brilliant, it felt like I had known these girls for a very long time, and of course the inevitable time came when we all wanted to take pictures of everything, as everything and everyone looked amazing so we all took pictures of the cakes, products, venue and lastly pictures of us all together.  

At this point, it was getting slightly late and the shop needed to close so we were given some amazing goodie bags prepared by Katie (Thank you Katie!) and headed into Liverpool so people could catch their trains. Walking and talking with these girls felt so easy, you would never have thought we had only met a few hours ago. So the time came and we said goodbye to some of the girls and Me, Jemma and Lisa, headed into town for a bit of shopping. First we headed in The Body Shop as Jemma wanted to say hi to another blogger Aisling , whose blog I have loved for a while, so it was lovely to meet her and after that we popped into Lush, as the new collection had come in and we wanted to take a look, there were so many different things in there and me and Jemma were smelling everything, everything smelt amazing and Jemma and Lisa picked up some products, so we waited in line for them to pay and walked out. By this point it was getting very late in the day so we all started to walk home. We walked to my bus stop where I had to hug them and say goodbye before jumping on my bus and heading home after an amazing day.

I had an absolutely amazing time at my first ever blogger meet up and I meet some absolutely lovely girls, who made me feel very welcome in this community, which some of whom I consider friends now, which is lovely. Hopefully we can all meet up again soon, it would be great to catch up with you all.

Here is what I recieved in the goodie bag :)
(I also received a cake pop, but that didn't last till I took the picture ;) )

All in all, I had a great time at the #NWBloggermeet and Thank You so much to Katie for organising it. It was brilliant.

Write again soon x

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Mortiswood Cover Reveal

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Mortiswood Cover Reveal

Book 1

 Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening

They’ve been waiting lifetimes for you, Kaelia. They want you and will stop at nothing to have you.

The warning’s rung in Kaelia’s ears since she discovered she’s far from the ordinary girl who grew up in the coastal town of Margate. She has power. The first time she shows it, death strikes, the second, she loses someone special, and on the third, her mother disappears.

Destiny is coming for Kaelia and there’s nowhere she can hide. THEY have stepped out of the shadows to find her. For generations, there have been whispers of The Chosen One. They speak of a name - Marrock - whose destiny entwines with that of The Chosen One.

Kaelia must avenge the wrongs, uncover who Marrock is, find her mother, and . . . FIGHT. Facing forces of depraved evil, magic, and myth, Kaelia’s search leads her through magical forests and unearthly realms. Who, or what, can Kaelia trust? Is she strong enough to survive the horror? All she knows is her life will never be the same again . . .

Displaying 2.jpg

Book 2

Mortiswood: Kaelia Falling
Release date: 4th March 2015

Losing those she loves and learning she’s The Chosen One catapulted Kaelia’s life into the fast lane. Having battled Dybbuk demons, discovered an unexpected ally in the form of a Vallesm, and ventured through Niflheim, her adventure is far from over.

Determined to fulfil her destiny as the one who will destroy The Salloki, Kaelia still has many obstacles to overcome. As secrets rise to the surface and Kaelia’s powers continue to evolve, she is not the only one fighting a battle...

Can Calix find a Rosealrium bloom in time to stop Cadence’s transformation? What exactly is the truth behind Bran’s connection to the goddess Hel? And will Kaelia finally uncover what happened to her mother?

One thing is certain, Kaelia is not the only one who is evolving . . .

Displaying 1.jpg

About Gina

Displaying 3.jpgGina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent, in the UK, with her family and playful Siberian husky. She is a full-time author and writes romantic suspense with a twist, horror, and fantasy because her characters refuse to play nice and wind up with more than a few bone-rattling skeletons in their closets.

As well as being the author of The Pennington Christmas Curse, signed with Limitless Publishing, Gina is the author of the murderous romantic suspense novel Unveiling Christmas, the twisted short story collection, Underleaf, as well as the fantasy, adventurous romance series Mortiswood Tales, and has also written fashion and shopping columns for a local newspaper.

When she’s not writing, Gina loves rummaging in vintage clothes shops, taking way too many photographs, and leafing through fashion glossies.

Author Links
Website │ Blog │ Goodreads │ Twitter

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February Favourites

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Well February is over now so I though I would share with you some of the things I have been loving this month. This month has a very short list as I have been very busy with University this month so this month only features TV/Film and beauty. Enjoy! x

TV / Film

The first thing I have been loving in February is something I have been very late to join the party to which is Game of Thrones. I know I'm sorry, I don't know how I didn't watch the show before but I finally got into the show this month and I finished watching all the episodes that are out. I'm now officially obsessed with it, its such an amazing show and I cant wait to watch the new season.

The next is a film, that I had been wanting to watch for a very long time and has been given amazing reviews, this is of course The Theory of Everything. When I watched this I was amazed at Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, they were so brilliant in their roles I got completely lost in the story, Eddie could not have deserved that Oscar more. The film follows Stephen Hawking from his University life where he first met his wife Jane til I think the present day. There were many times whilst watching this film where I was almost in tears because of  what was happening. Would highly recommend this to anyone, such and amazing story and film.

The last film that I loved in February was one I only watched a few nights ago, which was What If, which stars Daniel Radcliffe, (an actor I absolutely adore),  as Wallace an ordinary guy who is cynical about love until he meets a girl, but plot twist she is already in a relationship, so they become best friends, continuing the age old questions can guys and girls ever be just friends. I adore this film, the dialogue is funny, witty and a perfect film to watch anytime.


The first and only beauty product that I have been loving is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, and Oh My God this stuff is amazing at removing make-up and normally before this it would take me about 4 cotton pads in order to get all my make-up off but with this it only takes one, and it such a good value for money, I think I paid around £3.50 for it and I've had it for a while and I've barely even made a dent in it, this is going to be a staple in my make-up bag this year I can tell.

And those are the things I have been loving in February please tell me what you have been loving and also since Febraury has been such a TV / Film month please tell me your favourite films and TV show. 
Write Again Soon x
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