Only after a week of being invited to my first ever blogger event,  I was invited to another, and oh my goodness I had the best time ever! So two Thursdays ago I was in my break between classes when I see I had a twitter message from Sammy from Little Fickle asking me if I would like to go to a blogger event that Saturday, and so of course I said yes! So the day came I was slightly nervous as again I am still very new to this, but I knew some of the girls who were going which made me feel better.

 I headed into town to head to the event which was being held in a really nice bar called Kabinett( near the philharmonic hall) I had got there a little early so I checked through the hashtag to see what everyone was up to, and which I then look up to see Jemma ( who I met at the previous blogger event) walking towards me, I was so happy to see her, we got on really well, at the last blogger event, she was so sweet to me and is genuinely one of the nicest bloggers ever, so I was so happy to see her, and was then introduced to Laura (who is lovely), to whom we all chatted for a while, whilst we waited for everyone to arrive. When they did I recognised some bloggers I knew and was very glad to see and some new faces who I was about to meet.

We all headed into the bar, which was beautiful, I wish I had taken pictures now, but it was a reaaly nice place, I recommend it to anyone. We were all given goodie bags when we arrived after which we all introduced ourselves to each other and started chatting to every one, at one point, more or less everyone were just sitting in one big group chatting and eating cupcakes (supplied by helloand), it was brilliant and there was never a quiet moment, everyone was so lovely and I got to see lots of lovely bloggers I knew such as Jemma , Aisling , Holly, and met some amazingly lovely new bloggers who are all so sweet and lovely : Sammy (Who organised the whole event, you did a amazing job!) Katy, Olivia, Emma, Laura , Emma and many many more. 

During the event we got to chat to two lovely ladies who were showing us brands and their amazing products the first was Junkbox, a fashion company (whose designs are beyond gorgeous) and Carrie (the lady who represented them, was absolutely lovely, she was very enthusiastic about the brand and as talking to us all about the history and the designs, even a few of the girls bought stuff, and I would have too if my bank balance would have allowed it. The other brand there was Natalie Roche who distribute other brands such as Amazing Cosmetics, GLAMGLOW, and Xen Tan. These were all represented by the lovely Lucy, she spoke to us a lot about the product from all three brands and how they work and everything about them it was fascinating and she was king enough to give us all some samples of the products to try out.

After all this it was drawing to the end of the event to when the raffle was being drawn, all the money raised was going to Claires House Childrens Hospice and  Freshfields Animal Rescue. After the raffle was over we all grabbed our belongings and goodie bags, and left the bar to say goodbye to some of the bloggers who were leaving. Some bloggers were heading into town to go for something to eat and they invited me (thank you for inviting me ) so we headed to Las Iguanas in Liverpool 1 for some food, although the service wasnt the best as some of the girls food took over an hour to arrive I still had a really nice time. Once we had all finished our food we left Las Iguanas and said our goodbyes to everyone and all promised to meet up again soon, and then parted ways to go home. This blogger event was honestly amazing! Thank you so much to Sammy for hosting it and organising it, I had a brilliant time and cant wait to see everyone again! x   
Helloand Cupcakes, Me and Jemma 
 Here is everything I received in my goodie bags!
Face/ Make up
Our gift bags were provided by Wild Thang (@wildthangone) the cupcakes by HelloAnd... (@HelloAndIndulge) and  thanks the fabulous venue Kabinett (@Kabinett_wmc)
All the brands who were generous enough to donate products to the goodie bags :
Sophie La Girafe - @SLG_Cosmetics
Smooch Cosmetics (Playboy Lipstick) - @SmoochCosmetics
Nail HQ -@NailHQ
Popband - @LoveThePopband
Blistex - @BlistexUK
Halo Wipes - @HaloWipes
DHC - @DHCUK_Skincare
Aromaworks - @aroma_works
Sweet Cecily's - @sweetcecilys
Macadamia - @macadamiaoil
Vita Liberata -@vitaliberata
Faust's Potions - @faustspotions
Crabtree And Evelyn - @CrabtreeUK
Witch Skincare - @WitchSkincare
Skinetica - @Skinetica
Cellublue - @Cellublue
Busy B Stationary - @CleverBusyB
Mavala - @MavalaUK
Lipcote - @LoveLipcote
Balance Active - @Balanceactive
Weleda - @WeledaUK
Little Ondine - @LittleOndineUK
Border Biscuits - @BorderBiscuits
The Dessert Counter - @dessertcounter
Virtue Iced Tea - @virtuedrinks
Mello Mallo - @yomellomallo
Bespoke Bracelets - @BespokeBracelet
Hairy Jayne - @hairyjayne
Post It - @postitproducts
Vichy - @vickyUK
Propercorn - @PROPERCORN
Kiss HQ (Balmi) - @GoBalmi

And lastly some brands were very kind and gave us all some discount codes for you all to use : 

thepopband.com - 10% off code :  THANKYOU10
ww.littlemoose.co.uk  - 20% off code : LM20
BusyB.co.uk - 20% off code : BLOG20
www.xen-tan.co.uk - 20% off code : WELOVEBLOGGERS
www.glamglowmud.co.uk - 20% off code : WELOVEBLOGGERS
www.amazingcosmetics.co.uk - 20% off code : WELOVEBLOGGERS

Write again soon xxx

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  1. Aww you've said the sweetest things about me! Thanks for always being so lovely to me, I was soooo glad you were at this meet up too! :D
    Jemma xx

    1. Well its' true, you are incredibly lovely! You're welcome, Thank you so being so kind and lovely to me too :) I was so glad to see you too! It was brilliant seeing you again <3 xx



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