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Hi Everyone! Whilst scrolling through different blogs I found this really great book tag, which asks loads of basic book questions that I have never answered so I thought it would be a good idea that I answered them. Enjoy! x

                                                        Who is your favourite author?                                                              I actually have two favourite authors because I cant just pick one, so mine are J.K Rowling and Richelle Mead.      
                                                      What genre do you prefer?                                                                                                             
 I prefer to read YA novels but within that I'm open to any genre within that except horror, crime and thriller , they're just not my style of book to read.

                                              What is your favourite book series?                                                                                         
 Again I have two: the Harry Potter series and the Bloodlines series, I can read them over and over again.

                                          What books did you hate reading in school?                                                                                 
 I can't ever remember any books I hated to read in school, the only kind I can think of are text books

                                What is the first book you remember reading as a child?                                                     
 First book, oh goodness I think it was a series my sister had when I was very very little an I think they were called the My naughty little sister books.

                                                              Bookstores or libraries                                                                                                          

                                                   How many books do you own?                                                                                                      
 I think I have about near enough 200 books, not sure though

                                                          Do you read before bed?                                                                                                           
Yes that's when I do most of my reading 

                                          What is your most comfortable reading position?                                              
  Just simply sitting on my bed

                                                What is the most recent book you read?                                                                           
      That is The Sin Eater's Daughter,  I'm loving it so far

What quote from any book will you never forget? Why is it significant?    
Centrum Permanebit, it's from the Bloodlines series and it's Latin, it translates to mean 'the center will hold' I guess it's significant because it reminds me that there will always to something that will always be there in your life.

                                                         Science Fiction or Fantasy?                                                                                                  
Fantasy without a doubt :)

                                                     What books do you regret reading?                                                                                           
                                 We Were Liars , I'm sorry if you like it but I didn't enjoy it                                         
                                                    How large is your bookshelf?                                                                                                         
                I have a billy bookcase from IKEA and it reaches the ceiling of my room so it is very big

            On average, how many books do you read per year?  
   Per year I would say I read about 40 books

                            What book can you read hundreds of times and never get tired of?                                         
   My favourite series as well as The Selection series, never can be bored of reading them

                                                           Do you like to read outside?                                                                                                         
 Only ever if it is a really nice summers day otherwise I will read inside

                                    What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a book?                                                            
  Oh that's a hard question, when writing the story of your life, don't let anyone else hold the pen

                                 Of the past year, what is the greatest book you’ve read?                                                            
Greatest book would have to be The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

Right well those are all of the questions, if you want to answer these questions, go ahead it's fun to answer them.

Write again soon x

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  1. Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about My Naughty Little Sister! They were brilliant books! I keep trying to move away from YA fantasy books to broaden my reading list, but it's too difficult to leave them! I must read the Ruby Circle, once I've finished my current book. Billy Bookcases are a godsend, I wish I had enoiugh room in my house for some! x

    1. I cant really remember those books much. it was a very long time ago.I know YA is just soo good, well its the last in a six book series so id say read the other books first. I love my billy bookcase it a stores loads of my books :) x



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