20 Years Young

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 This is week has been hectic.

If any of you are following me on twitter or read my last blog post, you would know that I had a birthday lately, yep that's right my 20th birthday (I know that's a scary number). I am no longer a teenager, and honestly I think I am okay with that. Its not like as soon as I turned 20 I would change into a completely different person, the thing that changed was a number, that is all, a number. 

The day itself was good, although I did have to go into university to work on an essay that was due that day, (I am terrible for leaving things to the last minute) but thankfully I was quite confident on what I as writing about, and finished it before the time deadline. Before going home to spend time with my family and then today ( Sunday ) going for a birthday meal to celebrate with them.

I received lovely gifts and cards from my family and friends, and lots of  lovely messages from friends and family. So thank you all for your birthday messages, they made me smile a lot, I am so grateful to have such amazing friends and family, you have no idea how much they mean to me, I love them all and I am so lucky to have them in my life.

I thought that as I am still only young, It is obvious, there are lot of things that I want to do in my life, and one day I hope I get to do them, but I thought I would share some of the things I have done in my 20 years. Think of it as a reverse bucket list. Enjoy!

  • Got into my first choice University
  • Got the highest grade possible in my Dance Btec Diploma in Sixth Form
  • Travelled to London and watched my favorite musical Wicked on stage (and cried)
  • Moved out of my family home to live in University halls 
  • Learnt how to speak Spanish 
  • Danced with the English National Ballet in the Royal Albert Hall
  • Watched Wicked performed in Liverpool (and cried again)
  • Made friends I will never forget
  • Went to the Harry Potter Studios
  • Went to blogger events
  • Learned how to play the Ukelele
  • Went to see one of my favourite bands Panic! at the Disco live with my best friend
  • Went to see Bribry and Dodie live (twice) and met them both (twice)
  • Had enough books to actually fill a bookcase
  • Watched a sunrise 
  • Hit 3000 pages view on this blog (Thank you so much!!!)
  • Made the brilliant decision of starting this blog and I am so glad I did.

Write again soon xxx

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No Longer A Child?


It shouldn't be a surprise to me now, that sooner or later I was going to grow up. (as much as I hate saying it, I want to be a child forever and live in Neverland but anyway) This Friday I will be turning 20 years old. I will no longer be a teenager, and being completely honest that terrifies me, the idea that I don't have the safety net of being a teenager anymore is new and differently and frightfully scary.  

Its not even the number that scares me, its the fact that I will no longer be a teenager. A time in your life, when you're allowed to make mistakes, do stupid things, and be irresponsible, all because you're a teenager, and everyone expects it of teenagers, because that's when we grow up. But now with that title gone, I feel this huge amount of pressure to have my life figured out, to have my life in control and be responsible for everything and anything that goes on in my life, and I don't want that, I am still a child, I still need to learn, I'm not perfect and I never will be. 

No one ever matures overnight and on your 20th birthday become a fully fledged adult. That is not the way it works.

I still want to make mistakes and do stupid things because that how people learn. That how people grow, and believe me I have a lot more to learn before I am even anywhere near becoming an adult. Let's face I am still a child, I get things wrong, I make mistakes and although I am a responsible person, and I still act slightly immature sometimes and I definitely don't always act my age, and I like that about myself.

 It's obvious when Friday rolls around and I turn 20 years old I am not going to magically become an adult. I'll be the same person, who is just one day older, but knows she is okay with not being an adult just yet.

Write again soon xxx
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Going To See Bribry and Dodie Live

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A few days ago I had the amazing time of going to Bribry's Manchester concert of his UK and Ireland tour, and let me tell you it was brilliant! But I am getting ahead of myself, lets go back a bit.

Almost a year ago I was scrolling through YouTube videos when I saw a video by Bribry, an Irish singer and musician, who is amazing talented and such a sweet person so I started listening to his music and loved it and watching his videos and of course I subscribed. A few months passed and then  he announced he would be going on tour in October around the UK with Dodie Clark, another YouTuber and musician whose music I have loved for a very long time, and I got tickets straight away to see them. So I headed to Manchester to watch them perform, and they were brilliant! Everyone sang along to the songs, and it was a great atmosphere, just listening to everyone singing a really beautiful song called Your Life Over Mine , please go listen to it, its a beautiful song.

After the concert I went to buy some of the merchandise that they were selling and I bought a Bribry and a Dodie t-shirt, both I love immensely,and I got the chance to talk to Candice (Bribry's wife) about the concert and about YouTube, she was really lovely, and I also got to meet Jamiesface who was the kind of presenter of the night, he spoke to the audience whilst Bribry and Dodie, he was incredibly funny and he even remembered me from the crowd which was really sweet and definitely made me want to subscribe to him, and then we all got the opportunity to talk to Bribry and Dodie. Dodie was so lovely, she spoke to everyone and got pictures with everyone I spoke to her about music and me wanting a ukulele (if you follow this blog you will know I am now obsessed with my ukulele) so it was great to talk to her about that and get a picture with her, and then I met Bribry, there were a lot of people who wanted to meet him, so I waited until my turn came, I said hi and told him how great the show was and he thanked me and gave me a hug; okay one thing; Bribry gives amazing hugs, and because I am quite small (I'm 5'2) and he is 6'6 (I think) when I asked for picture he had to crouch down to get to my height, after this I thanked him and said goodbye. It was a brilliant night, and definitely one I'll remember always.

So of course after such an amazing time, when he announced another tour for April, I booked my ticket straight away. After months of waiting April finally rolled around and I traveled down to Manchester  and then headed to the venue which was Academy 3 which was in The University of Manchester's Student Union.

The show wasn't scheduled to begin until 7:30 however I arrived at the venue at 6pm and there was already a very long line of people waiting to get inside and see the show, although I came to the show alone, I met some lovely girls who I spoke to and got along very well with for the night, so thank you girls if you ever read this. So finally 7:30 came and we were allowed in, we were on the top floor of the building it took us all a  while to get there and get our place, me and the girls got quite good places, third row from the front , so we had a good view of the show. The concert started with Dodie coming on stage and talking to the crowd, and playing her set, everyone including myself was singing along which was brilliant, she told us the stories behind the songs and even played us a brand new song to which she still hadn't decided a name on at that point and asked the audience if they thought of any to tell her, honestly she was brilliant, I love her music and it was great to see her live again and singing with the crowd.

When she finished her set, we all cheered and applauded and then she left the stage. After that there was a little break whilst we waited to Bribry and then Candice and some of the band came on stage to set up when the speakers started playing a clip form Harry Potter , which of course we all squealed at, with Bribry making alterations on the dialogue which the crowd loved and then once the clip finished he came on stage and started playing. It was brilliant the crowd was singing, everyone was clapping and cheering. The songs were amazing, we even got to hear some new songs which we all honestly fantastic even one of them making everyone in the crowd jump, giving the best atmosphere for everyone to be in. In between songs, Bribry talked to audience, ask us questions, make jokes and tell us the stories behind his songs and the meaning of their lyrics, which was fascinating to know what he was thinking when he was writing the songs. When it was nearing the end of the songs, he left the show and we all shouted him back to which he came back and then joined us all of the floor to play one final song which was another beautiful song called 'Adventure Time' again please go listen, and it was amazing, everyone was just so happy singing along with him and Dodie whilst he played his acoustic guitar, everyone kind of came together at that point, it really felt like a community with everyone singing this one song together in harmony, it was one of the most happiest things I have ever seen or heard.

Then it was over and the concert had finished although there was a meet and great afterwards, to which we were all given a ticket and had to wait our turn. I waited for about ten minutes however there were a lot of people who wanted to meet him and Dodie and I had to go, as people were waiting for me outside so I couldn't wait, so I headed to the Merch stand to buy a t-shirt, and there they were, Candice on the Merch stand from whom I bought a t-shirt and talked to her a little bit again she was beyond lovely, and next to her was Bribry and Dodie! So I spoke to them both very quickly, Dodie said she liked my flower crown, and Bribry thanked me for coming to the show, I told them how brilliant the show was and how much I enjoyed it, I hugged them both and headed off so I could head home.

Although it was my second time seeing them perform, I had enjoyed it as much as the first time I saw them. It was such a brilliant night, and it is definitely something I will happily remember for a very long time.    
Write again soon xxx

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March Favourites


March has been kind of a weird month.It has come and gone without my recognition that a month has past but regardless of this there are a fair few things I have been loving in March, which range from music, tv, and other bits and bobs. These are my March Favorites. Enjoy! 

Gossip Girl

 I know, I know I am very very very late to this one as the show has been off the air for god knows how long, and I have only just started watching it. My friend recommended it to me one day as she and I have similar tastes in TV shows so she told me to try Gossip Girl, I had heard of it but I had never gone out of my way to watch it, however when I saw that all seasons were available on Netflix, I watched one episode, and then another, and another and then I was hooked! It is amazing. I do wish I had watched it the first time it had came on but oh well. I am currently half way through the second season and hopefully I will finish it soon, its so addictive and the story lines are brilliant!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

A little while ago, I went into The Body Shop to have a little nose around and was very happy to see that a bloggy friend of mine, the lovely Aisling from Rosy Smiles was working so we had a little catch up, it was great to see her,she was so lovely to me when we first met and at the NWBloggersmeetup so I was really happy to speak to her again. I told her I was looking for something to use under my eyes to help brighten them, and she suggested this, and oh my goodness it is brilliant, it really brightens up under my eyes and makes them feel more hydrated, and for only £13 it is definitley worth it! Thank you so much Aisling for helping me with this and being so lovely! (Review will be up soon)  

Bribry & Doddleoddle

Okay, if you don't know who these two people are, please go and listen to their music, they are both amazing, they are both individual artists, and they are currently on tour together, going around the UK and thankfully I got tickets to go and see them perform, I have already been to see them once and it was absolutely brilliant, cant wait till I see them again! So I am refreshing myself on their music before the concert, which will be amazing. They have youtube channels if you want to check them out, I highly recommend you do, their music is fantastic and they are really nice people. 

Lush - Twilight

Anyone who knows me in real life or at least follows me on twitter will know that I am obsessed with Lush , and I mean obsessed, I will go into the shop any chance I get, and more often than not come out of the shop with a fair few products regardless of the fact that I have a full lush bag at home of Lush products, but still I went in recently as I wanted something that I could use for a nice relaxing night in, and I had used twilight before and I remembered really enjoying it and the shop assistant was being really helpful with reminding me of the ingredients and the effects it has, All in all I bought it, and oh my goodness it is beautiful when it hits the water although the exterior is a pink colour the inside is filled with blue and purple which turns your bath water into three different pastel shades until it merge to create a pleasant lavender colour with lots of shiny lustre inside to make the bath water shimmer. The smell is beautiful; very floral and relaxing which is just what I wanted, I definitely recommend this to anyone who either doesn't know what they should pick up in Lush or anyone who loves floral scents and pretty colours.

Well those are the things I have been loving in March. Please tell me what you have been loving in March in the comments, and I will have another post up soon.

Write again soon xxx
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