April Favourites

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This post is a little late, but it is here is now here, are the things I have been loving in the month of April. 
1. Pretty Little Liars

Much like last months favourites I became hooked on another TV show, which would be Pretty Little Liars. It is so amazing, and interesting, I have honestly spent days just marathoning the show trying to figure out who A is even though we have already technically been told, I'm still looking for clues and through theories. Its one of those shows where you give your whole heart to, I am already on season 2 and I don't see me stopping anytime soon and the sixth season comes back in June too!
2. Bridget Jones's Diary
Okay yes until April of this year I had never watched Bridget Jones, Believe me I know where have I been?, So when I told some of the girls from uni this they were astounded and ordered me to go and watch them, so I did, and Oh My Goodness they are brilliant, I cant believe it took me so long to watch them they are the perfect films to watch at any point, and you cant help but smile at every scene. It is truly brilliant, please if you haven't watched it, please do.
3. All I Know Now - Carrie Hope Fletcher

The past month has been very slow for reading, that I must admit, as university and deadlines for the end of my second year have been getting in the way, however I still managed to read All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Carrie is an actress, singer and YouTuber and I have been watching her videos for about four years now, and when she announced she was writing a book I was over the moon, so of course I pre-ordered it and when I got my hands on it I couldn't put it down. It has been described as a best friend on book form and honestly it is the perfect description for All I Know Now, it literally feels like you and your friend are just exchanging stories. Couldn't recommend this book enough and I had the amazing chance to go to the book signing in Liverpool to get my book signed and meet Carrie, which was absolutely amazing! 
4. New Kinda New - Bethan Leadley

Bethan Leadley is also another Youtuber  (who is known as MusicalBethan) whose videos I have loved for a very long time, however i have only just gotten around to listening to her EP 'New Kinda New' and it is amazing! The songs are beautifully written and her voice is amazing. I have been listening to this EP nonstop on journeys and I love it, please go check out her music you will not regret it.
and lastly ...

5.SacconeJoly's Videos

Okay, this family is fastly becoming my favourite thing to watch on Youtube. They vlog their everyday lives, and it brilliant to watch, they are such an adorable family, you cant help but feel happy when you watch them, I have literally only been watching since about the middle of April and now I look forward to their 6pm upload everyday and it puts a smile on my face. They are so lovely. I don't think I will ever stop watching their videos. If you want someone new to subscribe to, subscribe to the SacconeJolys. 
Well those are all the things I have been loving in April, please tell me what you have been loving :) 
Write again soon xxx  
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