How To Deal With Stress

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Stress is something that we all get and could all do without, it comes at sometimes the most unwanted of times, for example before exams/deadlines which is happening to me right now, and i am sure a lot of you too, so I thought I would share with you some of the ways I use to relieve myself of stress.
 Enjoy !

  • Listen to music. I know sounds obvious but it helps me a lot, if I can just relax and listen to some music and focus on the lyrics, it really helps me to calm down I really recommend movie scores for this or a chill playlist on Spotify.

  • Read a book. Honestly there is nothing better to get rid of stress than getting lost in a book, where your troubles feel like a million miles away, and then when you come back to reality you won't feel as stressed as before

  • Talk to someone. Oh my goodness, if your are feeling really stressed and it is all getting on top of you, please talk to someone, they might be able to help in some way, remember' a problem shared is a problem halved' please, the people around you will not want you to stress and worry, talk to them and they will help. 

  • Sleep on it, if it is a decision that is making you stress, go to sleep, I promise in the morning you will look at it a different way and you will have a clearer head and might be able to make the decision that was stressing you out before.
And Lastly
  • Have a Bath.This is the method I use the most when I am feeling stressed, while your muscles relax in the hot water, your mind can wander and think through everything and you be able to make sense of everything that is making you stress, which helps if you know how to manage what is stressing you out. I would also recommend some Lush bath ballistics and bubble bars for this, the scents make you feel even more relaxed which is exactly what you want, when you're feeling stressed. 

Well those are some of my techniques to help deal with stress, please let me know of you have any. 

Write again soon x

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