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A little while ago myself and a team of bloggers teamed up with Prairie Charms , an online accessories boutique to helped create their new Subscription box- The Prairie Pizzazz Box ( it comes in a pizza shaped box, hence the name ;) ), which each month includes pieces from their store as well as other random bits for all you lovely people to enjoy.
We started putting all our ideas together a little while ago and decided on a theme, which was between Festival or Prints, and Festival won, so all the products in the boxes  were centered around that theme but as well as it being centred around Festival theme, the lovely team at Prairie Charms selected us pieces that went with our own personal style which I have never seen done with subscription boxes which is amazing! Anyway onto the part you want to see. Here is my Prairie Pizzazz Box and the accessories and products I got inside. Enjoy! x   

Here is the list of "Toppings" (going along with the pizza theme) that were included within the box,, Im sorry for terrible quality. 
The Prairie Pizzazz Box - Festival Edition
Dottie Rocks Custom Gold Foil Postcard Print - RRP £10.00 GBP
Esme Treat Bags & ZaraMama Popping Corn - RRP 4.35 GBP
Arabella Fringe Faux Suede Pendant - RRP 15.00 GBP
Erin Blush Floral Trim Garland - RRP 8.00 GBP
Quinn Liberty London Fabric Updo Hair Wrap - RRP 7.50 GBP
Mi a Iridescent Czech Bracelet Duo -RRP 18.75 GBP
Cassie Faux Leather Darling Bow - RRP 10.00 GBP
Verity Paper Straw Sample Pack - RRP 3.50 GBP
Lissie Custom Know Ties - RRP 10.00 GBP
As well as this the lovely team at Prairie Charms want to give all you lovely readers an introductory offer for your first box (if you choose to get one ) which is the Deluxe Box (which will include everything you have seen in this post for £25 (£7.50 P&P included) or a mini version (Slice) ( which will include a sample of the products, all full size of course) for £15 (£7.50 P&P included)

 So if you want one of these lovely boxes all you have to do is:
 Tweet Prairies Charms at @Prairie_Charms
Saying "Please can I order a Prairie Pizzazz (Deluxe Box/ Slice) from you?"

You can purchase your box through Paypal but if you do not have Paypal, don't worry you can also send them your preferred email and pay through a debit or credit card :) 

If you want to check out any more of the products Prairie Charms has to offer just head on over to their website -

If you have any questions feel free to email me or tweet me or Prairie Charms :) 

Write again soon xxx

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The Vilincia Coven : Attested - Review

The Vilincia Coven : Attested - Jennifer Thompson
As said in my last post, I wanted to do more books review, so here is one for you today. A little while ago the wonderful Jenny form Jenny in Wonderland asked me if I would like to be part of a book blog tour for the second book in The Vilincia Coven series, and it sounded awesome so I said yes! So here is my review. Enjoy! 
The Vilincia Coven Series 
The Vilincia Coven - Watcher :A coven of witches hidden by a small town. The secrets buried deep in the past are finally breaking ground. The third generation of coven kids are now faced with the task of fixing the mistakes of their ancestors. With time running out can they save the world from their past? Or will they die trying to save us all?

The Vilincia Coven - AttestedConvincing themselves they will survive Cole's birthday is hard to do when the demons never stopped hunting them. Cole always knew in his heart her could save her. Whitney accepted her fate and let him in anyways. Find out if she will survive his birthday. Or if the underworld will take Cole and the earth. Will the fighting ever really stop?


With this series being about magic and covens I was already excited to read this book as I love magic in books as it can be explored in some many ways which really interested me when reading this book as it manipulates the logic of magic that you already know and creates a new one for you to learn. 
I will admit I sped through this books, it is so fast paced, it is unbelievable , there is never a quit moment in this book and wen you think there is, all hell breaks loose (literally).
With this novel you are thrown straight in with the characters and the plot which is great for me as sometimes it can take a while for the plot to actually start, whereas with this novel it starts in media res , so bonus points for that. 
The characters in this novel really feel comfortable in their story to me, which I really like there is not doubt within themselves they all believe in each other which makes me reading it really happy to see how an amazing group of characters can reacts to different events when they have everyone supporting them.  
The conflict in this book seems to be never ending it constantly set me on edge waiting for something to go wrong whenever I was reading a peaceful section, and sure enough it always came, if you like action in books this certainly has it for you, its never a dull moment in the story and it all happens in such a small space of time it is unbelievable. 
Overall I enjoyed this book it never let my mind wander it always kept me focused otherwise I would miss something, the characters are engaging within the first few pages you will have already given your heart to these characters which is an amazing thing to an author to do and lastly the plot was entertaining as I said I was constantly on the edge of my seat whilst reading wondering when something was going to happen and it did not disappoint. 
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Write again soon xxx
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Keeping Up With Resolutions

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This is going to be slightly strange talking about New Years Resolution in June , half way through the year, but I promise there is a point to it. Whenever we make New Years Resolutions most people will keep up with them until at most end of February and then give up because everyone has forgotten about them at that point, and normally I am one of those people, but this year I have actually made sure to actually stick to my New Years Resolutions (at least some of them) and I thought Id share them with you!

My first resolution was to get better at playing my ukulele that I got for Christmas, when I wrote that post i could barely play a song and I only knew three cords, but now I can actually play, it takes me awhile to learn a song, but once I get the hang of it it sounds good.

My next resolution was to  review more books, and this one I haven't stuck to as much as I would have liked to, so far this year I have only reviewed three books, which for me personally is really bad as I  read a lot, and would have really liked to post more on this blog, so hopefully in the next half of the year I will be posting more reviews.

Buy less clothing was next, okay this was probably a silly resolution to make as I know what II am like for shopping, I am terrible for it, if I see nice clothes I will most likely buy it, so I really don't think I will ever stick to this as clothes are way too nice not to buy, which I'm sure my bank balance hates me for.

Save up was one I really wanted to stick to, and thankfully I have, as I am nearing the end of university ( I start my final year in September) I wanted to start saving money for myself so i could start my life after Uni in whatever i chose to do, whether that is going for my Master's degree or living in London and hopefully working for a publishing company (fingers crossed) so saving up now is really going to help me what the times comes when I graduate, I been have a money box in the shape of a graduation cap with the words "Graduate Funds" written on it so that is really motivating me to save money.

And Lastly ...

Aim to get a post a week, I have actually done this, with even some weeks having two or three posts in it, this makes me so happy you have no idea. Last year I was terrible for keeping a schedule with blogging I just blogged when I felt like it, which sometimes is good but then there were times when I wouldn't blog for a month and I hated that, but now I actually have a blogging schedule most of my posts will be up on Sunday or if it is a two post week in will be Wednesdays and Sundays, I don't always stick to it but I always make sure this is at least one post a week for you to read :)       

Well that is how I am keeping up with my New Years Resolution, please let me know if you are still sticking to yours or if you haven't stuck to them this year 

Write again soon xxx

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My Lush Spa Experience - The Spell

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My Lush Spa Experience - The Spell

It is a very known fact that I love Lush, I am practically obsessed with this shop, so when I heard that they had a spa I was so excited to go and get myself a treatment, and then a friend recommended it to me as she received a treatment for her birthday and said it was amazing, so had hearing her recommendation I had to go and book myself a treatment, thankfully the spa was open when I went in for a consultation so I got to look around and find out about all of treatments they had to offer, the two that appealed to me the most were The Comforter and The Spell, so I did a bit of research to see what other people thought of the treatments and decided that I wanted The Spell treatment, which consists of 'A reflexology-inspired treatment using the ancient art of treating the feet to release tension and worries form the body. Allowing you to move forward with ease and comfort.'  So I booked it and waited for my treatment day.

When the treatment day came I was so excited! When I arrived I was greeted by Emily, one of the lovely spa therapists who would be with me for my treatment, she was so lovely in talking me through everything that was going to happen through the treatment so I felt very calm and relaxed with her, which was very nice. She guided me up to where the spa in Lush is, and oh my goodness it is beautiful, it is so homely you honestly feel like you could live there. She guided me to the table where I was presented with some of the aspects of my treatment. As The Spell's focus was getting rid of worries, I was presented with a kettle, a quill and some parchment and then the products that were going to be used through the treatment. This consultation before the actual treatment helped me to get familiar with what was going to happen and how these methods of treatments affected the body, listening to it it was all very interesting, once the consultation was done Emily instructed me to write a worry down on the piece of parchment and place it in the kettle whilst she got the treatment ready, when she returned she took one of the matches next to the kettle, set it alight and then burned my worry in the kettle, and honestly it did make me feel like that worry did disappear.      

The products in the treatment:
A Temple Balm
 The Volcano Bath Bomb (exclusive to Lush Spa's)
After the parchment had turned into ashes I was led into the treatment room where I would be for the next hour and got ready for the treatment. The room was perfect, the dimmed lighting and lit candles just instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed and well as the scents around the room and the music playing with soundtracks created just for this treatment.

The treatment started with a foot massage using one the bath bombs that is exclusive to the spa ;The Volcano and then covered the feet in a foot mask to dry whilst , the therapist moves on to a scalp and temple massage,  this felt so amazing I was so relaxed at this point I was almost asleep it just felt amazing , after this amazing scalp and temple massage, the treatment then moves on to cleansing the feet of the mask and massaging them more, and whilst all this is going on your are listening to an absolutely beautiful soundtrack that fits perfectly with the treatment. When the treatment is over Emily brought me a cup of tea with some of the ingredients of the treatment : lemon, mint and lemongrass, which was really nice to end the treatment with.

I left the treatment feeling so relaxed, I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to keep that feeling all day. When I left my therapist gave me a card with some of the words that were used during the treatment, to remind me of my treatment, which I love, it will serve as a keepsake of the day, when I headed back downstairs to the shop I couldn't help myself and bought one the products that had been used in my treatment ; the stepping stone foot scrub, which smells amazing! Cant wait to use it.

Overall, I couldn't recommend this treatment enough it makes you feel so relaxed and at peace and it honestly does make you forget your worries which is what The Spell sets out to do, and I highly recommend this to anyone, it is such a lovely treatment, it is impossible to walk out and not feel relaxed, so please anytime you are in Lush ask about their spa treatments, I promise you will not regret it.

Write again soon xxx    

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