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This is going to be slightly strange talking about New Years Resolution in June , half way through the year, but I promise there is a point to it. Whenever we make New Years Resolutions most people will keep up with them until at most end of February and then give up because everyone has forgotten about them at that point, and normally I am one of those people, but this year I have actually made sure to actually stick to my New Years Resolutions (at least some of them) and I thought Id share them with you!

My first resolution was to get better at playing my ukulele that I got for Christmas, when I wrote that post i could barely play a song and I only knew three cords, but now I can actually play, it takes me awhile to learn a song, but once I get the hang of it it sounds good.

My next resolution was to  review more books, and this one I haven't stuck to as much as I would have liked to, so far this year I have only reviewed three books, which for me personally is really bad as I  read a lot, and would have really liked to post more on this blog, so hopefully in the next half of the year I will be posting more reviews.

Buy less clothing was next, okay this was probably a silly resolution to make as I know what II am like for shopping, I am terrible for it, if I see nice clothes I will most likely buy it, so I really don't think I will ever stick to this as clothes are way too nice not to buy, which I'm sure my bank balance hates me for.

Save up was one I really wanted to stick to, and thankfully I have, as I am nearing the end of university ( I start my final year in September) I wanted to start saving money for myself so i could start my life after Uni in whatever i chose to do, whether that is going for my Master's degree or living in London and hopefully working for a publishing company (fingers crossed) so saving up now is really going to help me what the times comes when I graduate, I been have a money box in the shape of a graduation cap with the words "Graduate Funds" written on it so that is really motivating me to save money.

And Lastly ...

Aim to get a post a week, I have actually done this, with even some weeks having two or three posts in it, this makes me so happy you have no idea. Last year I was terrible for keeping a schedule with blogging I just blogged when I felt like it, which sometimes is good but then there were times when I wouldn't blog for a month and I hated that, but now I actually have a blogging schedule most of my posts will be up on Sunday or if it is a two post week in will be Wednesdays and Sundays, I don't always stick to it but I always make sure this is at least one post a week for you to read :)       

Well that is how I am keeping up with my New Years Resolution, please let me know if you are still sticking to yours or if you haven't stuck to them this year 

Write again soon xxx

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