My Lush Spa Experience - The Spell

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My Lush Spa Experience - The Spell

It is a very known fact that I love Lush, I am practically obsessed with this shop, so when I heard that they had a spa I was so excited to go and get myself a treatment, and then a friend recommended it to me as she received a treatment for her birthday and said it was amazing, so had hearing her recommendation I had to go and book myself a treatment, thankfully the spa was open when I went in for a consultation so I got to look around and find out about all of treatments they had to offer, the two that appealed to me the most were The Comforter and The Spell, so I did a bit of research to see what other people thought of the treatments and decided that I wanted The Spell treatment, which consists of 'A reflexology-inspired treatment using the ancient art of treating the feet to release tension and worries form the body. Allowing you to move forward with ease and comfort.'  So I booked it and waited for my treatment day.

When the treatment day came I was so excited! When I arrived I was greeted by Emily, one of the lovely spa therapists who would be with me for my treatment, she was so lovely in talking me through everything that was going to happen through the treatment so I felt very calm and relaxed with her, which was very nice. She guided me up to where the spa in Lush is, and oh my goodness it is beautiful, it is so homely you honestly feel like you could live there. She guided me to the table where I was presented with some of the aspects of my treatment. As The Spell's focus was getting rid of worries, I was presented with a kettle, a quill and some parchment and then the products that were going to be used through the treatment. This consultation before the actual treatment helped me to get familiar with what was going to happen and how these methods of treatments affected the body, listening to it it was all very interesting, once the consultation was done Emily instructed me to write a worry down on the piece of parchment and place it in the kettle whilst she got the treatment ready, when she returned she took one of the matches next to the kettle, set it alight and then burned my worry in the kettle, and honestly it did make me feel like that worry did disappear.      

The products in the treatment:
A Temple Balm
 The Volcano Bath Bomb (exclusive to Lush Spa's)
After the parchment had turned into ashes I was led into the treatment room where I would be for the next hour and got ready for the treatment. The room was perfect, the dimmed lighting and lit candles just instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed and well as the scents around the room and the music playing with soundtracks created just for this treatment.

The treatment started with a foot massage using one the bath bombs that is exclusive to the spa ;The Volcano and then covered the feet in a foot mask to dry whilst , the therapist moves on to a scalp and temple massage,  this felt so amazing I was so relaxed at this point I was almost asleep it just felt amazing , after this amazing scalp and temple massage, the treatment then moves on to cleansing the feet of the mask and massaging them more, and whilst all this is going on your are listening to an absolutely beautiful soundtrack that fits perfectly with the treatment. When the treatment is over Emily brought me a cup of tea with some of the ingredients of the treatment : lemon, mint and lemongrass, which was really nice to end the treatment with.

I left the treatment feeling so relaxed, I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to keep that feeling all day. When I left my therapist gave me a card with some of the words that were used during the treatment, to remind me of my treatment, which I love, it will serve as a keepsake of the day, when I headed back downstairs to the shop I couldn't help myself and bought one the products that had been used in my treatment ; the stepping stone foot scrub, which smells amazing! Cant wait to use it.

Overall, I couldn't recommend this treatment enough it makes you feel so relaxed and at peace and it honestly does make you forget your worries which is what The Spell sets out to do, and I highly recommend this to anyone, it is such a lovely treatment, it is impossible to walk out and not feel relaxed, so please anytime you are in Lush ask about their spa treatments, I promise you will not regret it.

Write again soon xxx    

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