BEDA Day 14 - Why I Write

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Hey Everyone! A little while ago I was lookin through my old creative writing notebooks from uni, and something all my modules had me do was write why I write, and looking back on it, it felt like it would make a good blog post, so here is why I write.

For me writing was always been something I have done in my life, I loved telling stories and being told them, that is why I love books so much, so when I realised that people actually sit down and write books I knew that there was nothing else I wanted to do, to be able to make people think, feel and escape into other worlds as authors had done for me,  for me that is the best thing about writing. 

Even in writing this blog, which I love adore, I think it's the best decision I ever made, every post is telling a story, take this one for example, it's a story about me, but it's still a story that I want to tell.

My tutors asked me what I wanted to write and honestly my list went on forever, but mostly I want to write books and musicals as they are the two that have I fallen in love with most. After this they asked again Why do I write, and I answered I write because I can, I can write stories no one else can, I can make people think by my writing, I can take people to a new world, I can make someone fall in love, and most of all I write because I have a voice and I want people to hear it.

Please let me know why you write, it'll be interesting to read everyone's reasons.

Write again soon xxx

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BEDA Day 13 - The Body Shop Blogger Event

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Hey Everyone! Today's, post is about The Body Shop Blogger Event to Launch their new Spa of the World range. 

A little while ago I received an invite to a Blogger event for The Body Shop from the lovely Aisling Rosy Smiles and of course I said yes, I love the shop and the products and through the time I have known Aisling she has always recommended me amazing products so I was excited to see what new products The Body Shop had to offer.

The Event started at 6pm and I was greeted by the lovely Aisling, who filled me in on what was going to happen with the evening and introduced me to some of the products, and we had a little catch up which was great as I have missed her.

Around this time more bloggers were arriving so we were offered drinks and beautiful little cupcakes which one of the women who works there made ( they were delicious!)  After we had all settled we were taken over to the new Spa of the World area which had been newly brought in, one at a time we were shown the new products.

Some of the new products were demonstrated to us, the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay was applied to our hand and left to dry, whilst the Dead Sea Salt Scrub was applied to our other hand, washed off and then had the Japanese Camellia Cream massaged into our hand, during this time, the Clay had dried and was washed off after our hands were washed, they felt incredibly smooth and soft, which felt amazing.  After we had tried out the products,we were given a bag of samples so we could try out the new range, we were told all about the inspiration behind the products which was really interesting, and at this point, the night was winding down, so we were getting ready to leave, I asked if I could take pictures, and I said goodbye to Aisling and thank you for hosting a great event and inviting me.

I had a really nice time at the event, I met some new people and learnt a lot about the new products, which, I will definatley have to pop back in to get for myself. Here are the pictures I took of the event. Enjoy! x    

Write again soon xxx

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BEDA Day 12 : How Much Music Means to Us


Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to talk about Music and how much it means to us. Music is one of those things we have been surrounded by since we were born, when we were children we listened to our parents music, and as we grew older we start to develop our own personal connection with music, when discovering which genres of music we like and don't like, learning the lyrics of the songs you listen to on repeat and once you know the songs back to front you really listen to the words and understand, and we connect to it. 

Music isn't just noise we listen to, to dance to, or to block the world out to, its melodies, and lyrics and hearts that have been poured out into the words, and its for this reason that music means so much to us. We turn to music in our happiest and saddest moments for joy or comfort, and it helps (sometimes). 

Unknowingly the music we listen to becomes the soundtrack to our lives, as we relate certain songs, to periods in our lives, where either the song has become our go to song, helped us when we needed comfort or was the song that was constantly played on the radio and reminds you of that time in your life.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, as I am a singer and simply I love the melodies and lyrics, so understanding how much music can affect our lives couldn't apply more, it has seen me through some of my best moments and some of my not so good moments and even reminds me of certain people that leaves me with a smile when listening to it, and some songs I adore simply because I have loved the lyrics so much. 

Here are some of my favourite songs that have become the soundtrack to my life. Enjoy!

  • Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
  • Ill be - Goo Goo Dolls
  • Same Love - Macklemore
  • We Are Young - FUN
  • Never Alone -Lady Antebellum
  • Faith To Fall Back On - Hunter Hayes
  • Defying Gravity - Wicked the Musical
  • The Only Exception - Paramore
  • Stay With Me - Sam Smith
  • Again - Bruno Mars
  • Hey There Delilah - Plain White Tees
  • Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts

Please let me know what some of your favorite songs are. Until tomorrow.

Write again soon xxx

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BEDA Day 11 - My Bucket List

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Hey Everyone! It is BEDA Day 11, wow this is going so quickly, it's amazing.For today's post
I was inspired by posts I had seen on the internet where people share their bucket lists, and I thought this was a great idea, so without further ado, here is my Bucket List. Enjoy! (Anything marked with a * next to it, I have ticked off my bucket list)

  • Go to Both Disneyland Paris and Florida
  • Graduate Uni with a grade I am happy with
  • Work in a Publishing House
  • Go Ice Skating *
  • Go to New York with my Best Friend
  • Visit Greece and go to Athens
  • Learn to play Guitar
  • Learn to play Piano
  • Learn to play Ukelele *
  • Write original songs
  • Complete writing a novel
  • Start ballet again
  • Go see Bribry and Doddleoddle Live *
  • Hit 50,000 page views on Holly Quills and Ivy
  • Get 100 followers on Bloglovin
  • Write a Musical
  • See Ed Sheeran Live
  • See Hunter Hayes Live
  • Travel to Scotland
  • Finish Gossip Girl on Netflix
  • Move out of my Parents house (*temporarily)
  • Have a Library in my home
  • Read all the ASOIAF books
  • Go to Verona and visit Juliets House
  • Japan (Enough Said)
  • Have enough photographs of friends to fill a wall
  • Host a dinner Party
  • Rent a Flat in London
and Finally ...

  • Live life not regretting anything

Well that is a part of my bucket list the full one goes on for pages and pages, please let me know what things are on your bucket list, until tomorrow.

Write again soon xxx

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BEDA Day 10 - Thanks for the Memories

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Hey everyone! A few posts back I shared that I keep tickets from practically anything I go to. I talked about it so briefly, that I didn't feel like the explanation I gave was enough so that is what today's post is about.

Ever since I can remember I collected tickets, whether that was intentional or not, I just did it, it wasn't till I got older that I really started to care about keeping hold of the tickets and so my ticket wall began. The picture you see on this post is the tiniest amount of my tickets, as I have them all spread around my room on the walls and it would take me ages to get them all done and then put them back when I would be finished. 

Regardless of how many tickets I have and receive I could never have the heart to throw any away as they are my memories, they are my constant reminders to happy memories that I have had with friends and family and looking at them all brings those memories back with a smile.

Many of the tickets I have are of plays, musicals and concerts I have been to were I have felt my most happiest, so to be able to look back on a piece of that day and remember it is amazing to me. It is the best feeling were you find one you had completely forgotten about and all the memories of the time come flooding back to you.

That is why I keep the tickets because, although memories are precious, our brain can only remember so much at a time so to have these reminders is to constantly have a back up for our happy times and our joy is perfect. These tickets are little pockets of unforgettable memories all because of a little piece of paper. I love my tickets and I will continue to collect them so I will always have something to look back on and remember. Thanks for the Memories.

Please let me know if you keep tickets form things you have been to, until then, see you tomorrow.

Write again soon.
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BEDA Day 9 - A Blogging Meal with Friends & Kitti


Hey Everyone! Welcome to BEDA Day 9, now today's post is a very late one, for which I am very, very sorry about that, but it is here now. So I hope you like it.

All the way back in June (See I told you this post is late) myself and a few of my blogging friends were contacted by Talented Talkers about whether we would like to try out a new app by Santander; the KiTTi App, and of course we said yes!

The KiTTi App is a modern version of the Kitty people use when saving up for something such as a meal, holiday or a day out. KiTTi can be all set up through a phone or a computer, you can create KiTTi and add money to it , with the small charge of 30p which is nothing, and you get sent out a card on which all your KiTTi money is held. It also gives you the option of adding people to your KiTTi which you can do by adding people through your contact list. So it is really simple and really easy.

We were asked to try KiTTi and see what we thought. So the we all decided on going for a meal , so we all added money in, and the people add Talented Talkers we so lovely that we doubled whatever we put into the KiTTi, to make our night extra special, so when I put £15 in, I had £45 to spend on the meal, which was amazing.

We decided on Smugglers Cove, which is a beautiful restaurant on the Docks in Liverpool. So I met up with Jemma, Sarah, Laura, Emma and Katy before heading off to the restaurant, it was so great to see them all and catch up and meet some for the first time. We had great food, great drinks and a great time with our friends and we didn't have to worry about the money because it was all one card, which made the evening stress free and perfect.   

I had such an amazing time with the girls, and the KiTTi App was amazing to use and i highly recommend it to anyone whether you are saving up for a meal like us, a holiday or maybe something a little more expensive. I know I will be using it in the future.

Write again soon xxx
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BEDA Day 8 - Getting to Know Me More

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to BEDA Day 8! A little while ago I was scrolling through my old posts and realised that I don't really share things about myself on this blog, which was never intentionally , I guess i just preferred to write abut other things. So today I thought I would remedy that, by letting you get to know me (Holly) more. So here some things about me that might help you to get to know me more. Enjoy!

  1. Until my late teens, I couldn't watch Snow White or Sleeping Beauty as when I was little the witches scared me so much, I would cry if it was ever put on.It makes me laugh now looking back on it.
  2. I am a very big fan of Doctor Who. That's right I am a whovian, and have been ever since watching my first Doctor Who episode (Smith and Jones) and I still am obsessed to this day.
  3.  I love mysteries, I love solving things, and coming up with theories about what could have happened (I think this may be why I love Pretty Little Liars so much)
  4. I love Greek mythology, and have been ever since I read the Percy Jackson series,even know when Greek mythology is brought up in one of my English literature classes I get really excited.
  5. Up until I was 18 years I was a ballet dancer, and I got to have some amazing experiences because of it, mainly getting to work with the English National Ballet, which will forever be one o my happiest moments. (I am still a ballet dancer but I haven't been to a class in a very long time)
  6. Not only was I a ballet dancer when I was younger but I was also in a lot of musical theater shows, it is safe to show I practically spent my childhood on the stage, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  7. Sticking with the musical theater theme, my ultimate dream in life regardless of chances of it happening is to play Elphaba in Wicked in the West End. It has been my dream ever since I first heard Defying Gravity when I was 14 and will continue to be my dream for a very long time.
  8. Before I created Holly Quills and Ivy, I had actually had done some blogging before, I was part of the author Julie Cross's Perfect 10 group which was a group of 10 young people all blogging on one site, it really helped me when starting this blog.
  9. I keep tickets. Train Tickets, Theater Tickets, Tickets to my Yr11 and 13 Prom, literally any tickets i have received or bought I will most likely have somewhere on my wall in my room. I like the memories they hold with them so I could never get rid of them.
  10. If I could go to Disneyland and only meet one character, I would meet Peter Pan. He was such a big part of my childhood as I adored the movie and always wanted to go to Neverland to meet Peter and the Lost Boys, and watching YouTube videos of people meeting him makes me want to meet him to much more. 

Well I think that is enough for now, I hope this has helped you all to know me a little better. See you tomorrow for BEDA Day 9.

Write again soon xxx

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BEDA Day 7 - London Haul

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Hello Everyone! Well my London trip is well and truly over now, but that means it is time for a haul. I'm not going to show everything I bought as I got some presents for my friends and I do not want them to see what i got them before I see them.

First place I went to was of course Primark. I swear that place is like heaven when I have money, and as this was my holiday I bought what I wanted, all of which I love, and here they are: 

So clearly I bought a few things from Primark, my white top which I love has cut out flowers on the bottom and the arms. The checked shirt is so pretty and thanks to the dark burgundy in it, I can wear one of my my winter lipsticks tat matches it perfectly,which makes me so happy. I actually wore all three the day after I bought them. You can see the OOTD including these on BEDA Day 5 when I went to the Globe. After I bought my casual clothes I spotted the workout section, and as I have started going to the gym a lot more regualarly I thought I might as well some gym clothes, so I bought a sports bra, some workout leggings and memory foam trainers, which oh my goodness are the comfiest things ever, especially after walking through London all day, those trainers saved my feet, and they have a really nice pattern on them which is great.

After Primark, my next shop stop was Lush. I was so excited to go to the Oxford store Lush ,after hearing so many amazing things about it and about the brand new products in there. I think I spent about a good hour in there looking at all the new products and going through the perfume gallery. The staff in there were so helpful and sweet , they made me feel very comfortable whilst in the shop and helped me pick out a lot of products. I am not going to go through what I bought I Lush as that will be for another post, but is just showing how much I actually bought.

The last two things I bought form London were my Shakespeare band  from the globe theater which I love as it always remind me of that day and my 16GB SD card for my camera (I really needed one and this on e was a bargain at £10, so I couldn't refuse)  

Well that was everything I bought whilst in London , I hope you liked it, and the Lush post will be up soon. See you tomorrow with BEDA Day 8.

Write again soon xxx

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BEDA Day 6 - Heading Back Home

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Hello Everyone! I said in yesterday's post that today's was going to be a chilled out post, and it will, as I spent most of my day on a train heading back up North, to get back home to Liverpool, hence ending my London trip which I had been looking forward to for the past six months or so.

Basically we packed up our stuff the night before so we could have a lie in before our train, we got up got ready and headed to the train station, which was packed beyond belief, even worse because the tubes are on strike. We got on the train and sat in our seats ready for the train ride, that would end our trip. I must say although I enjoyed my trip immensely, I am so happy to be back home, and back to reality.

So sadly this means no more days in London posts but I still have one more for you tomorrow; a London haul! So look forward to that, I hope you have liked my follow me around London posts, as I have loved writing them and taking pictures for them and hopefully there will be some more in the future. 

Write again soon xxx

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