BEDA Day 10 - Thanks for the Memories

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Hey everyone! A few posts back I shared that I keep tickets from practically anything I go to. I talked about it so briefly, that I didn't feel like the explanation I gave was enough so that is what today's post is about.

Ever since I can remember I collected tickets, whether that was intentional or not, I just did it, it wasn't till I got older that I really started to care about keeping hold of the tickets and so my ticket wall began. The picture you see on this post is the tiniest amount of my tickets, as I have them all spread around my room on the walls and it would take me ages to get them all done and then put them back when I would be finished. 

Regardless of how many tickets I have and receive I could never have the heart to throw any away as they are my memories, they are my constant reminders to happy memories that I have had with friends and family and looking at them all brings those memories back with a smile.

Many of the tickets I have are of plays, musicals and concerts I have been to were I have felt my most happiest, so to be able to look back on a piece of that day and remember it is amazing to me. It is the best feeling were you find one you had completely forgotten about and all the memories of the time come flooding back to you.

That is why I keep the tickets because, although memories are precious, our brain can only remember so much at a time so to have these reminders is to constantly have a back up for our happy times and our joy is perfect. These tickets are little pockets of unforgettable memories all because of a little piece of paper. I love my tickets and I will continue to collect them so I will always have something to look back on and remember. Thanks for the Memories.

Please let me know if you keep tickets form things you have been to, until then, see you tomorrow.

Write again soon.
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1 comment

  1. I still have my ticket for the clothes show live as well :D



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