BEDA Day 11 - My Bucket List

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Hey Everyone! It is BEDA Day 11, wow this is going so quickly, it's amazing.For today's post
I was inspired by posts I had seen on the internet where people share their bucket lists, and I thought this was a great idea, so without further ado, here is my Bucket List. Enjoy! (Anything marked with a * next to it, I have ticked off my bucket list)

  • Go to Both Disneyland Paris and Florida
  • Graduate Uni with a grade I am happy with
  • Work in a Publishing House
  • Go Ice Skating *
  • Go to New York with my Best Friend
  • Visit Greece and go to Athens
  • Learn to play Guitar
  • Learn to play Piano
  • Learn to play Ukelele *
  • Write original songs
  • Complete writing a novel
  • Start ballet again
  • Go see Bribry and Doddleoddle Live *
  • Hit 50,000 page views on Holly Quills and Ivy
  • Get 100 followers on Bloglovin
  • Write a Musical
  • See Ed Sheeran Live
  • See Hunter Hayes Live
  • Travel to Scotland
  • Finish Gossip Girl on Netflix
  • Move out of my Parents house (*temporarily)
  • Have a Library in my home
  • Read all the ASOIAF books
  • Go to Verona and visit Juliets House
  • Japan (Enough Said)
  • Have enough photographs of friends to fill a wall
  • Host a dinner Party
  • Rent a Flat in London
and Finally ...

  • Live life not regretting anything

Well that is a part of my bucket list the full one goes on for pages and pages, please let me know what things are on your bucket list, until tomorrow.

Write again soon xxx

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