BEDA Day 2 - Off to London


Hey everyone, its BEDA day 2, and I am now in London !!! I am so happy to be here, I love London ,I always have ever since, I came here to dance when I was fifteen , and now I have my heart to move there  after I graduate (maybe, hopefully) anyway, this week myself and some of my family had booked a little break in London for a few days, for shopping and sightseeing, and today was the start.

We headed to the train station quite early so we got into London a little past 1pm so we walked around for a while trying to find our hotel where we are staying, which was great as we got to see a lot of London, and for one of the people who was with me, whose this was their first time in London so seeing a lot of the tourist attractions in their first day here. We didn't really do much today as we were settling into the city, so we mostly walked around, unpacked, went to Nandos for food and then walked to Leicester square, also thanks to walking around everywhere we saw a lot of sights and I took a lot of photos so here they all are. Enjoy!

Blazer - Primark 
Top - H&M
Jeggings _New Look
Sandals - Primark
Flower Headband - Primark
Bag - River Island

Hope you all liked this post, and the pictures, I am really loving taking them with my new camera. There will be another post up tomorrow for BEDA Day 3
Write again soon xxx

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your time in London. I've always wanted to go to the London Dungeon but I have no one to go with and not going to lie a bit scared to go by myself! x

    Alexandria from

  2. Hope you're having an amazing time, Holly <3 you look fabulous! :)



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