BEDA Day 3 -All Shopped Out

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Hello Everyone! Today has been a very packed day to say the least, mostly because it was our shopping day. We headed down to breakfast to wake ourselves up and get some energy before we started the day and then finished getting ready. 

We set off at about 11am and started walking through London, walking along the Thames was our first stop of the day as my family wanted to take pictures of the London eyes as the sun was not blinding them today, after that we discovered a new attracted near the London eye, The Shrek Adventure, we didn't go in but we did go into the gift shop and honestly I really liked it, I liked the movies growing up and they also had How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda stuff there so it was fun to look around although none of us bought anything. After that we needed a quick break so we went into the McDonalds on the Thames and discovered an arcade in there. I think its fair to say we spent a fair amount of time in there, as me and my cousin went on the bumper cars ( I don't care if it childish, it was fun) and a lot of the grabby machines trying to win a minion toy and I even got my fortune by a Zoltar fortune teller machine and the got a little card telling me my fortune.

After that we were slightly hungry so we got ice creams to keep us cool as we were walking after that we saw quite a lot, we walked past a lot of theaters and then finally made it to Oxford street were we did the majority of our shopping. We went into quite a few shop including Primark, Disney and even the new Oxford Street Lush, we even popped into Ed's Diner for some food, and no, I am not going to show you what I got as there will a haul post as soon as my trip is over. Here are the pictures of the day enjoy! 

Well that is the end to another day, I hope you like the post and are liking BEDA so far, Ill be back tomorrow with BEDA Day 4, see you then

Write again soon xxx

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