BEDA Day 5 - Much Ado About Shakespeare

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Hello Everyone! It is BEDA Day 5 and it is my last day in London, so I persuaded my family to go to the Globe theater, Shakespeare's playhouse. It is a known fact about me that I adore Shakespeare,I even have a post about how much I love Shakespeare here, so seeing his theater, was a big thing for me to see whilst I was in London, and today I finally got to do it.

After setting off for the day we found out, that we were only about ten minutes away, so we got there really quickly so we had longer to look around. We discovered the gift shop and saw that the exhibition and guided tour was about to start, and as my family are not the biggest Shakespeare fans ( being honest, they don't even like Shakespeare) but anyway, they headed off to Starbucks and I went to the exhibition and tour. 

Once I had bought my ticket, I went into the exhibition hall. It was filled with a lot of information and videos about the history of the building and Shakespeare, including costumes they used in performances. It was really fascinating to see it all. After a quick look around the exhibition, about twenty people including me were called together to start the guided tour of the Globe Theater. The tour guide we had was very enthusiastic about the Globe and about Shakespeare, which I really loved , we got to find out a lot about the culture of the theater and the goings on of it.

Whilst listening to the tour guide we got to stand and sit in the ground and in the seats were people would be when watching the play, also whilst the tour was going on, some of the actors were warming up on staging, so it flt to me as if I was watching a play there even though I didn't really get the chance to, it was enough to be able to sit in the seats. look at the stage and just imagine.

After the tour, I met my family in the Starbucks, and then headed for the gift shop, I honestly think I spent about half an hour just walking around the shop looking at all the merchandise and if I could I would have bought it all, but I settled on a wristband saying " I  Shakespeare's Globe" . Sadly after this we had to leave and headed to the tower of London and a Wetherspoons for something to eat, and then back to the hotel to pack everything up to leave tomorrow. Here are my photos from today I hope you like them. 


Shirt -Primark
Top - Primark
Dungarees - Primark
Trainers -Primark
Bag - River Island

I hope you all liked today's post. Tomorrow's BEDA will be a chilled one as most of the day will be spent on a train going back home, but there will still be a post don't worry, so see you tomorrow.

Write again soon xxx

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