BEDA Day 6 - Heading Back Home

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Hello Everyone! I said in yesterday's post that today's was going to be a chilled out post, and it will, as I spent most of my day on a train heading back up North, to get back home to Liverpool, hence ending my London trip which I had been looking forward to for the past six months or so.

Basically we packed up our stuff the night before so we could have a lie in before our train, we got up got ready and headed to the train station, which was packed beyond belief, even worse because the tubes are on strike. We got on the train and sat in our seats ready for the train ride, that would end our trip. I must say although I enjoyed my trip immensely, I am so happy to be back home, and back to reality.

So sadly this means no more days in London posts but I still have one more for you tomorrow; a London haul! So look forward to that, I hope you have liked my follow me around London posts, as I have loved writing them and taking pictures for them and hopefully there will be some more in the future. 

Write again soon xxx

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