BEDA Day 7 - London Haul

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Hello Everyone! Well my London trip is well and truly over now, but that means it is time for a haul. I'm not going to show everything I bought as I got some presents for my friends and I do not want them to see what i got them before I see them.

First place I went to was of course Primark. I swear that place is like heaven when I have money, and as this was my holiday I bought what I wanted, all of which I love, and here they are: 

So clearly I bought a few things from Primark, my white top which I love has cut out flowers on the bottom and the arms. The checked shirt is so pretty and thanks to the dark burgundy in it, I can wear one of my my winter lipsticks tat matches it perfectly,which makes me so happy. I actually wore all three the day after I bought them. You can see the OOTD including these on BEDA Day 5 when I went to the Globe. After I bought my casual clothes I spotted the workout section, and as I have started going to the gym a lot more regualarly I thought I might as well some gym clothes, so I bought a sports bra, some workout leggings and memory foam trainers, which oh my goodness are the comfiest things ever, especially after walking through London all day, those trainers saved my feet, and they have a really nice pattern on them which is great.

After Primark, my next shop stop was Lush. I was so excited to go to the Oxford store Lush ,after hearing so many amazing things about it and about the brand new products in there. I think I spent about a good hour in there looking at all the new products and going through the perfume gallery. The staff in there were so helpful and sweet , they made me feel very comfortable whilst in the shop and helped me pick out a lot of products. I am not going to go through what I bought I Lush as that will be for another post, but is just showing how much I actually bought.

The last two things I bought form London were my Shakespeare band  from the globe theater which I love as it always remind me of that day and my 16GB SD card for my camera (I really needed one and this on e was a bargain at £10, so I couldn't refuse)  

Well that was everything I bought whilst in London , I hope you liked it, and the Lush post will be up soon. See you tomorrow with BEDA Day 8.

Write again soon xxx

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1 comment

  1. OMG so much Lush!! <3 haha ^__^ Cant wait to see it all! xx



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