BEDA Day 9 - A Blogging Meal with Friends & Kitti


Hey Everyone! Welcome to BEDA Day 9, now today's post is a very late one, for which I am very, very sorry about that, but it is here now. So I hope you like it.

All the way back in June (See I told you this post is late) myself and a few of my blogging friends were contacted by Talented Talkers about whether we would like to try out a new app by Santander; the KiTTi App, and of course we said yes!

The KiTTi App is a modern version of the Kitty people use when saving up for something such as a meal, holiday or a day out. KiTTi can be all set up through a phone or a computer, you can create KiTTi and add money to it , with the small charge of 30p which is nothing, and you get sent out a card on which all your KiTTi money is held. It also gives you the option of adding people to your KiTTi which you can do by adding people through your contact list. So it is really simple and really easy.

We were asked to try KiTTi and see what we thought. So the we all decided on going for a meal , so we all added money in, and the people add Talented Talkers we so lovely that we doubled whatever we put into the KiTTi, to make our night extra special, so when I put £15 in, I had £45 to spend on the meal, which was amazing.

We decided on Smugglers Cove, which is a beautiful restaurant on the Docks in Liverpool. So I met up with Jemma, Sarah, Laura, Emma and Katy before heading off to the restaurant, it was so great to see them all and catch up and meet some for the first time. We had great food, great drinks and a great time with our friends and we didn't have to worry about the money because it was all one card, which made the evening stress free and perfect.   

I had such an amazing time with the girls, and the KiTTi App was amazing to use and i highly recommend it to anyone whether you are saving up for a meal like us, a holiday or maybe something a little more expensive. I know I will be using it in the future.

Write again soon xxx
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  1. Ooh, I haven't been to Smuggler's Cove yet but it looks amazing! I walked past it so many times on the way to work last year and I always wanted to pop in for a quick bite/ drink! The app sounds really handy, it's always difficult when you go out for a meal to sort through who owes what and when, I much prefer the sound of this app!



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