Now It Begins - BEDA Day 1

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Hello everyone! Today is the start of something slightly exciting on this blog, as today marks my start of BEDA ( Blog every day in August), I did something similar when I did Blogmas I got through that with only a few hiccups, and this time it is longer and will have more posts ,so there will be new content on this blog every day until the 31st of August. 

August is going to be a really fun month as tomorrow (Sunday 2nd) I will on my way to London for a couple of days so I will be blogging that, and I hopefully will have a lot more things ready for you throughout the month such as book reviews, hauls, follow me around posts and loads more that I hope you will all really enjoy. So today is just the introduction to BEDA, tomorrow will be a packing for London and what's in my travel make up bag post, so look forward to that tomorrow.

I hope you will all enjoy BEDA as much I as am going to, creating all the posts.
Write again soon xxx

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