Looking Back at 2015 & 2016 Update

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It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog, and for that I am sorry, I got busy with university and work that blogging kind of took a back seat, but that's not happening anymore I want to keep blogging i love it, so for today's post I wanted to write, a lot has happened since I updated you all so i thought I would do that and look back at 2015 

2015 was a pretty big year for me looking back and all because of things that I never thought would happen, and I couldn't be more happier that they did, because they have made it the best year of my life. In 2015 I:
  • Became more consistent with this blog. 
  • Went to my first blogging event and then several after
  • Stopped drinking alcohol completely
  • Met loads of friends through blogging who I genuinely call friends in real life
  • Passed my second year of University
  • Started two jobs, one I currently still have and the other in one of my favourite shops as a Christmas Temp
  • Went to see Fall Out Boy and Dan + Phil with my best friend
  • Got back into contact with a very old friend whom I had not spoken to for a year
  • Became a lot more social with my friends
  • Went to a gig and musical on my own
  • Went to Shakespeare's Globe
  • Got to go to London twice
  • Met one of my role models, Carrie Hope Fletcher, Twice!
  • Completed work experience at a publishing house 
  • Watched Les Miserables in the West End
  • Started my third and final year of University
  • Had some positive changes in my personal life.

2015 has been a huge year for me through change and just through life and I wouldn't have it any other way, I would really like to say that I have grown into myself as a person in 2015, as I honestly don't think I am the same girl I was at the start of 2015 and I'm glad about that. I've grown and I've changed so much in the past year, that I could never go back to how I was back then, and I don't think I want to.

2016 is going to be a big year for me. This is the year I graduate university (believe me, I don't know how, it feels like I have only just started) and will be thrown into the real world and be expected to "adult" trust me that is not going to happen. But hopefully this will be the year I move to London to pursue a job in publishing that I have wanted for years and got a snippet into what it would be like in 2015. It is also the year when I really want to build this blog, I love blogging so much that I really want to put my heart and soul into it. 

Unfortunately it also the year when I will be saying goodbye to a lot of my university friends when we all move away so I will be savoring every last moment I can with them. On a more happier note I will be turning 21 this year, so although I have the imagination and mind of a child I will officially be a adult (scary I know). and those positive changes in my personal life I was talking about... well fingers crossed they keep getting more positive, and the rest well it will all be a surprise, but I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me.     
Write Again Soon xxx

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