My Not So Tattoo Bucket List


Tattoos have always fascinated me. I don't know exactly what is is about them that makes me like them so much, maybe its the art or the stories behind them, either way I just really love tattoos. The only problem is ... I'm too scared to get one. 

Its something about the permanence of it, I guess. The fact that it is there forever and it cant ever change, and if there was a mistake, it would be horrific. I am also deadly terrified of needles so tattoos are out ruled. I have only ever had Henna or temporary tattoos. Regardless of all of this, in my head there are so many tattoos that I would get if I ever got the courage to get one. So its kind of a bucket list for tattoos that I'm never going to get and I have a few in mind for this list.  

1. This one is at the top of my list and it would the first tattoo I would ever get. My favourite quote "Centrum Permanebit". It's from my favorite book series, and it is in Latin, which makes me love it even more! It translates to "The Center Will Hold" which is a recurring quote in the series. The reason this would be the first tattoo I would get is, not only because it is my favourite quote but because of the meaning behind it. In the series it refers to always being able to return to one person for comfort and stability and I love it so much because it always reminds me that I will always have my family and friends around me if I fall down and need help getting back up, it tells me that I will always have people in my life who care about me and who I can lean on if I ever need help. 

2. The second I would get is a Peter Pan tattoo, yes I am 21 and no I don't care that its a Disney film, I will never grow up! Peter Pan was one of my favourite Disney films growing up. I wished that I could go to Neverland and never grow up. I even remember when I was little looking up at the stars and looking for the second star to the right, and hoping Neverland lay beyond it. So in homage to the never ending belief to never growing up and wishing for an adventure in Neverland I would get the two stars from the film, and I think I would get them on my right wrist, I always imagined I would get it there.

3. The next would obviously be a Harry Potter tattoo. I have loved Harry Potter ever since I can remember, and still do now although now I would say I'm obsessed with it. Although I didn't receive my Hogwarts letter, I am still waiting and the magic will never end. So I think I would like the scar as a tattoo, a very minimalist design and small. I'm not sure where I would want it, maybe on my ankle, who knows.

4. I honestly don't know why I want this as a tattoo but I do, I want a tattoo of a feather. I genuinely don't know why. I just think they look pretty, whenever I have seen someone with a feather tattoo or seen a picture of one they just look beautiful, and I would love one.

5. Lastly, the final tattoo I would want is a crescent moon and star. Right, I have been obsessed with moons and stars ever since I can remember, I just love them! I have so may pieces of jewellery with moons and stars, its starting to become a collection. when I had my first Henna tattoo done I got a crescent moon and star on my wrist and I loved it so much, that I knew I would love it if i actually got a real tattoo.   

 So those are the tattoos that I would love to get but never will. Please let me know what tattoos you have or want to have.

Write again soon xxx
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  1. Oh a Harry Potter tattoo would be so cool!!! I'm way too indecisive to ever get a tattoo because I change my mind so much but a HP tattoo is tempting...

    1. It really would ! I would have to show my HP love if I got a tattoo. I'm the same way sometimes, I will switch from so many ideas.

  2. Aw I would love to see these as tattoos, such lovely ideas! I don't think I'm brave enough myself but I loved how a fellow blogger covered her old tattoo up with a Disney castle design, it looked so pretty it almost convinced me to get one haha! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)



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