15 Things I Love About Autumn


Hey everyone! I hope you are all okay. Its definitely clear to say now that it is Autumn, with all the leaves changing colour, the nights rolling in and the weather getting colder, but it is one of my favourite seasons for so many reasons, and I thought I would share some of them with you. 

1. Changing Colours - The sudden appearance of reds, yellow, oranges and dark purple in the world are absolutely beautiful, its impossible the not notice of the world just shifts from its bold vibrant colours of summer to the cool, warm tones of Autumn.

2. The fashion - Autumn is without a doubt my favourtie time of year when it comes to clothes and shopping. All the jumper comes out, scarves hats, gloves, gorgeous thick coats. Its just amazing and all the fall colours are beautiful in clothes, like as soon as October 1st rolls around I am looking for all the orange, burgundy and mustard clothes I can find, and since its getting a bit colder, you can layer clothes without worrying about overheating. Its great! 

3. Nights drawing in - Say goodbye to it still being light at 8pm, that doesn't exist anymore because you'll start seeing the moon by the time get home from work at around 6pm. Honestly I love it, there something about being able to see the moon and a night sky on your walk home that feels incredible after a long day.

4. A new start/ school - Okay don't hate it, but I genuinely looked forward to going back to school/uni in Autumn. It meant I got to see all my friends again and it always felt like a new start.Like ouve had the summer to have fun and relax and then September comes and you start anew either in a new year or getting back to work. Even if you are no longer in school or education, you know it still happens and it feels like a new start even though its nearly the end of the year.

5. Halloween -  I cannot say enough how much I love Halloween! The chance to dress up, do bizarre make up and everyone just accepts it, the decorations, everyone getting in the spirit. It just gives you the excuse to feel like a kid again even if its just for a short while. Just keep the horror films away from me okay? (Im a big scaredy cat)

6. Make up - Give me all the dark lipsticks. There is no makeup I love more in Autumn than dark lipsticks, Whether they are browns, plums, berry, red or any other colour. Dark lips are my fave.

7. Bonfire Night  - The most colorful night of the year. The one night people don't care about freezing outside for hours on end because the firework displays and the bonfires are glorious and it is a perfect Autumn activity. Also gotta love Sparklers, whether you're 5 or 85 they are sparklers are brilliant!

8. Cosy nights in -As I said before with the nights drawing in, and the temperature dropping all the time, we all love a cosy night in, sat in front of the fire, comfy pajamas ,wrapped up in a blanket, hot chocolate in hand and a film on the TV. There is nothing better. 

9. Drinks - Alright hands up, I don't like Pumpkin Spice Latte. I feel like I'm breaking every blogger rule by saying that. But seriously when all the hot drinks come into season its great especially since they are so delicious, and they always look great for an Instagram picture.

10. Candles - During the colder months, I love lighting candles! They make the room seem so much cosier. They are so much better when they are scented aswell. My go to candles are always Yankee candles, I think they have the best scents I could go spend all day smelling their candles. 

11. Baths - Right, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE BATHS ! There is nothing better than a hot baths ( with bath bombs/bubble bar/ other bath stuff are optional) when it is freezing outside, and it just makes you feel great.

12. Finding conkers on floor - This one just reminds me of being a kid and being so incredibly happily whenever you found a load of conkers that had fallen off the trees and you could play conkers when you got to school, and you would always see whose conkers was the best. Ah memories.

13. Leaves - This is an obvious one I think. If you see a big pile of Autumn leaves and your first thought isnt "I want to jump in that." Then I'm sorry we cannot be friends.

14. Waking up warm in bed when you know its freezing outside - The first great thing when you wake up in the morning all cosy and warm and you can see frost on the windows, its a great feeling! Especially when you know you don't have to get up for ages!

15. Christmas is just around the corner! - Yes I used the C word, so what ? Christmas is nearly here, and I am so excited! 

Let me know what your favourite things about Autumn are :)

Write again soon x

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