North to South

I am proudly a Northerner. Born and raised in Liverpool, in the North West of England. But something new is coming, a new adventure 
Yep you heard that right. This scouse girl is moving down south to London, Kingston upon Thames specifically to study for my Masters in Publishing. To be fair this is kind of old news and if you follow me on twitter you might have seen me mention it, and if we know each other in real life you've definitely heard me talk about it, in a mix of excited babble and anxious worries. 
But why the south? Whats wrong with the north?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the north. I adore the north and Liverpool so much an they will always be home and have a special place in my heart but unfortunately London has always been the place i have dreamed about living in since I was 16. Another reason from my reasoning to pick up my life and drop it somewhere new is that what I will be studying; Publishing, not many northern universities offer it to study and my university is in London. London being a glowing hub for publishing, it only seemed right to go down there and try to achieve what I have wanted since I left High School.
Obviously it is a big move and I am going to feel very out of my depths for a while. It will be the first time I will be properly moving out and away from my family and friends. This time it will be different to when I moved out for my first year of my undergraduate degree as I went to a university that was less than an hour away from my home so I saw my family and friends regularly and if I ever felt sick or missed someone I could be home within a hour. Now this is not the case, Ill be in a house share with people I dont know, Ill will most likely see my family around 5-7 times form a whole year which is bizarre and the same for friends, having to say goodbye is going to be sad as I will miss so many people, but I know I wont lose them. I just have to remember this my next adventure until the next one comes along.
Write again soon xx
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