Getting My Plateful At Alma De Cuba


 Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about a restaurant that i was recently invited to, to taste their menu; Alma De Cuba. Previous to the invitation I had never even heard of the restaurant, and boy was I missing out! I arrived to be greeted by the insanely lovely Sam from Sabre Beauty and was given a drink as I went in to greet the bloggers who had already arrived. It was so good to see my fellow bloggers, especially since it would one of the few times i wold see them until I moved.

After a few drinks and chatting to the girls and taking a few pictures together d of the venue, we were all escorted upstairs towards the dining area of the restaurant. I was in awe when I saw it. It was beautiful! I am quite in love with architecture and when I saw how the old church had been transformed into what is now Alma De Cuba I was blown away. It is absolutely stunning the way they have incorporated the alter and the pillars with the modern features of the restaurant and bar.

We were shown to our table, which had been set up for us beautifully, each place had our names written on them and a little shiny goodie bag waiting for us filled with sweets, and vouchers to use in the future. It was obvious that they wanted us to have a great time there. Once we had all looked through our goodie bags we ordered our drinks whilst we perused the menu. I chose from their Alma De Fresco non alcoholic menu and went for the Bora Bora, which was Coco Lopez,Watermelon juice, Pineapple juice and orange juice. It was glorious, it was incredibly tasty and really refreshing and proof that some of the best drinks don't need alcohol in them.

There was so much choice when it came to ordering food, we were spoilt for choice. I, on this occasion did not order a starter but a few of the girls did, one including the Sweet Potato and Chorizo croquettes, which looked and smelled incredible, it made me regret not ordering them. For my main course I decided to order the Chargrilled grain fed Argentinian rib eye of beef. Oh my goodness it was got to be one the best steaks I have ever had in my entire life! I would recommend everyone going just to taste that steak, you will not be disappointed. Once we had finished our mains came the chance to order dessert, by this point some of us were filled with the delicious food provided that they opted out, but as it is me, I never turn down dessert and so I ordered the Dulce De Leche and Colombian Cocoa Tart. It was so rich and sweet it was the perfect end to the meal, sorry for the no pictures I ate it too quickly before I realised. It was just too good!

Once we had finished our meals , we were given a quiz to fill in as part of the activities for the night, we instantly all become competitive which was hilarious, it was almost back at school trying to make sure no once copied our answered. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed, the lovely Sarah from Saloca in Wonderland won the prize.

I had such an incredible evening at Alma De Cuba, and the food was incredible, I could not recommended it highly enough, so if you're ever looking for someone new to try I would wholeheartedly say give Alma De Cuba a try. You will not be disappointed.

Write again soon x

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Goodbye Liverpool

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Its finally here, the time I say goodbye to my hometown. To Liverpool. That in itself feels strange, because not only was I saying goodbye to the place but to everything I had become there, that's what makes it so hard to say goodbye.

I started saying my goodbyes over a month go, just to ease myself into it, and there a lot of them from friends, family, work colleagues and blogger friends. There were so many goodbyes that I knew it was going to be hard to leave. 

Me saying goodbye to Liverpool is more than just saying goodbye to a city and the people. Its saying goodbye to the memories I have there, Everything I am, is because of Liverpool. The memories I have, the friendships I've made, the person I grew up to be and become; all stems from that magnificent city and I couldn't imagine myself without that link to it.

Liverpool is my childhood, my teenage years and my new adult life when I was trying to figure things out. Its where I had my first kiss, first alcoholic drink, first heartbreak, so many memories are enveloped in that city that I know i will never properly say goodbye to it.

 Liverpool is a part of who I am. Its embedded in my heart and will be for the rest of my life, and even though I wont be living their anymore it will always be my home, my safe haven, the place I can always return to, and I know it will always welcome me back not just because my family and friends are there but because that's Liverpool. Once you're a part of it, it never lets you go. 

That's why its so heartbreaking to leave. 

And so ...

Goodbye Liverpool.

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