Goodbye Liverpool

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Its finally here, the time I say goodbye to my hometown. To Liverpool. That in itself feels strange, because not only was I saying goodbye to the place but to everything I had become there, that's what makes it so hard to say goodbye.

I started saying my goodbyes over a month go, just to ease myself into it, and there a lot of them from friends, family, work colleagues and blogger friends. There were so many goodbyes that I knew it was going to be hard to leave. 

Me saying goodbye to Liverpool is more than just saying goodbye to a city and the people. Its saying goodbye to the memories I have there, Everything I am, is because of Liverpool. The memories I have, the friendships I've made, the person I grew up to be and become; all stems from that magnificent city and I couldn't imagine myself without that link to it.

Liverpool is my childhood, my teenage years and my new adult life when I was trying to figure things out. Its where I had my first kiss, first alcoholic drink, first heartbreak, so many memories are enveloped in that city that I know i will never properly say goodbye to it.

 Liverpool is a part of who I am. Its embedded in my heart and will be for the rest of my life, and even though I wont be living their anymore it will always be my home, my safe haven, the place I can always return to, and I know it will always welcome me back not just because my family and friends are there but because that's Liverpool. Once you're a part of it, it never lets you go. 

That's why its so heartbreaking to leave. 

And so ...

Goodbye Liverpool.

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1 comment

  1. Aww I feel exactly the same way! <3 Its always home. However this new exciting chapter of your life is amazing, and will be utterly fabulous! xx



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