Ice Skating at the Tower of London

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It is well and truly the Christmas Season, so its time to get the Christmas tunes on, dust off your old Christmas jumpers and start buying mince pies and mulled wine. It is no secret that I love Christmas, and when I say I love Christmas, I mean I LOVE Christmas. 

So when I was contacted to attend the press night of the Tower of London Ice Rink, I was more than happy to accept the invitation.

Not only was this my first blogger opportunity since living in London, but the first Christmas related thing I have done this year. Also a little known fact that I adore Ice skating, (partly because of the winter Olympics and partly because of Yuri on Ice!) Although I have once been Ice Skating once before. I was more than happy to give it a try, and at the Tower of London of all places! 

When I arrived, it was impossible to not be blown away by the Tower of London and how it had been decorated to accommodate and reflect the ambiance of the Ice Rink. On the side on the Tower itself there were projections of Snowflakes that made the building look incredibly festive and beautiful. 
Once the event began I headed straight for the ice rink.

 I went to get some Ice Skates and headed to the Rink. Im going to be honest when I first got on the ice, I was practically like Bambi. It was quite nerve wracking since I had only been ice skating once before in my life. It took me about half an hour and a friendly fellow blogger to help me stay on my feet and get me to feel comfortable on the ice. (He was a very good skater so he was doing laps around me after helping me) 

After I had a fair amount of time on the ice, I had started talking to a group of students who were lovely and invited me to sit with them and enjoy the drinks that were offered. After a little while chatting we were offered to have a tour of the Tower itself.
Now I am quite a history and architecture nerd, so I was more than happy to go on this tour. We were led on the tour by one of the Guards (Beefeater) of the Tower. He told us everything from the history of the tower to the everyday running of it. I truly enjoyed it and the Tower buildings are beautiful, I truly felt that I learnt a lot.

I had an incredible time at this event. It really got me into the christmas spirit and I met some really lovely people and made some friends. I would certainly recommend paying a visit whilst it is still open. 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wrote again soon ! xx
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1 comment

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