Places I Want to Travel to in 2018.


2017 has been quite a year for me. A lot has changed, I have done so many things such as move house and travel to places I have never been before. I love to travel and this is one thing I want to continue in 2018, so when Destination2 contact me about working with them and talk about my travel Bucket List for 2018 I was more than happy to say yes. So without further ado here is my 2018 travel Bucket List.

Verona, Italy

This has been on every bucket list I have ever had. I had loved the country since I was little, from seeing it in films and pictures and would love to go there for myself. The city is incredibly beautiful and full of history, including the setting of Shakespeare famous play, Romeo and Juliet. I have loved Romeo and Juliet, since I first studied the play in primary school. I would love to go and see La casa de Guillieta and see the famous balcony. The landscape is stunning and historic. If there's one place that I could only visit next year it would be here.


I am determined to actually tick this off my list in 2018. It is so easy to travel to and so close so there is no excuse not to.  Friends and family have gone to Scotland and said nothing but good things. I would particularly like to visit Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival and the Isle of Skye.  The highlands seem so beautiful, it would be incredible to explore them and see the historical buildings and ancient castles from times past. The lush green countryside would be an idyllic escape from the city living I have been used to since childhood.   


Until this year I never expected that I would want to visit Oxford. I recently went to a conference at Oxford Brookes University and we went out for drinks afterwards, and so we had to walk through the city. I fell in love with it instantly and I can not wait to return. The architecture is breathtaking, it is obvious that the city has a long and prestigious history. When I return I will spending my time there admiring the buildings, Universities and libraries. It may not be on everybodies travel bucket list but it has proven itself to me that it is worthy of a full visit to see everything it has to offer.

South Korea

For the past couple of years I have become obsessed with South Korea and practically everything to do with it. The Language, the history, the culture and the food. If money wasn't an issue, I would be on a plane headed there as soon as possible. South Korea has so many incredible places to go to such as Seoul, Jeju, Hongdae and so many other places. I would love to visit the palaces that are there as well, as I have loved watching Korean historical dramas as of late and would love to see one in real life for myself. It would also give me a chance to try and learn to speak and read Hangul. 


Ah, Paris. The city of love and light. It is beautiful there, there is no denying that, it has so much to offer. No wonder the majority of people will visit the city at some point in their lives. I haven't made it there yet, but I hope in 2018 I will. I want to walk along the Seine, visit the Lourve and see the Mona Lisa with my own eyes, do everything a tourist can do whilst in the city and also make a quick trip to Shakespeare and Co. to pick up some books, and of course try some of the treats form the famous french patisseries. 

So there is my travel bucket list for 2018. I hope that I can tick some of these off next year, if not there is always next year and the year after that. It is a bucket list after all. 

Write again soon xxx
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  1. Scotland is a must! I went for the first time in 2016 and it is just a beautiful place! I switched off from everything and just explored and it was blissful!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Ah that sounds perfect, when I book it youll have to tell me the best places to go! :)



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