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Sian Padded Underwired Longline Bra

Hey Everyone, this is a post that is a little different for me, as I have never really spoken about fashion on this blog, never mind Lingerie, however when Hunkermoller reached out to me I jumped at the chance to work with them and help show people the beautiful pieces that have. 

Now I have never been that body confident, I have my moments sure when I genuinely love my body and then there are days when you pick at any flaws with it. The latter days are more frequent and so looking at myself in the mirror is something I try to avoid.  

Personally a way I have found to help boost my confidence is to wear Underwear I feel good in. This is where Hunkermoller comes in, they have a huge range of  Lingerie in different styles and fits to suit everyone. You can even find your size here and everything from T- shirt Bras to Sport Bras to even Swimwear. All the pieces are so pretty and I couldn't decide when I first stared looking at their incredible range

After a while of debating between what to go for I decided on the Sian Padded Underwired Longline Bra (above) and honestly it is so pretty. I genuinely feel confident when I wear it. The birdcage detail on the front and lacy material adds so much charm to the bra.I adore the colour, the pretty pale pink tone is really lovely and compliments the design of the bra.

  I would be lying if I said that the bra would cheap, as start from £12 for a basic bra and then the price goes up, but hand on heart the products are worth it, they will last for a long time. Mine is a really sturdy material that I know will last for longer than the ones I buy at shops like Primark or New Look.

 It is a little cliche to say that Underwear makes you feel good, but with this Bra, I do. I feel good when I wear it, and a bit of body confidence is always good. I highly reccomend having a look on their websites they have so many amazing pieces I wish I had the money to buy them all.

Write again soon x    

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1 comment

  1. This pretty pale pink tone is really lovely and compliments the design of the bra. I also fond of such bras and sexy camisoles designs collection. I really love to read your every story.



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