What Feminism Means to Me #GuiltyFeministBook

I'm a feminist but .... my favourite line from the podcast I wait to hear every week.

I have thought of myself as being a feminist for meany years and I honestly couldn't tell you when I first associated myself with that label.

I remember when I was 18 or 19 and I was in a literature class at uni in which we covered feminism, our teacher asked us to raise our hands if we were feminists raised their hands all female, there were three guys in our class, two of whom were my friends. The lesson went on to talk about the patriarchy and the waves of feminism and the hypocrisies of life that go against women and at the end of the class, my teacher as the same question, this time everyone raised their hand. 

That is my first vivid memory of calling myself a feminist 

Since then I have tried to learn as much about feminism and act like a feminist as much as I can and yes, I slip up.

I'm a feminist but sometimes I mess up a being a feminist. 
To me, being a feminist is plain and simple, everyone is the same, and should be treated the same. This is as far as I’m aware the core value of Feminism, and yet it is misconstrued over and over by some. Claiming that because I am a feminist I must hate men! On the contrary I love men, I love my dad and brothers, my boyfriend, my friends and my nephew who will soon make his arrival.

Feminism is bringing people together to realise that everyone is the same and trying to help out everyone we can so all of our voices are heard, so we are a community that never breaks. A movement that has brought so many freedom and has given me freedom to say what I think and stand up for myself and my fellow women, when people try to tell us we can’t do something because of our gender and when people try to discriminate, it means we will stand beside one another and show the bullies that they cant win.

To me feminism means choice, freedom, equality and most of all it means community. People standing together supporting one another.

Please go and buy The Guilty Feminist, it is an incredible read. Also go listen to the podcast you wont regret it!
Write again soon xx
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  1. Beautiful Auhor plus beautiful book ! omg! i love it <3

  2. This sounds so lovely and sweet, and just what I need! Love your review! I’m getting this book!

  3. Feminism now a day is very popular before female and woman can`t take part pf any political activites but now we have female and woman president all over the world.



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