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*I was sent this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
So it is no secret that the House of Night series was one of my all time favourite series as a teenager growing up; Vampyres, magic and a boarding school, what more could a 14 year old YA reader want in a series. Needless to say I devoured this series, every book that came out I would read as soon as I got my hands on it. Still to this day I adore this series, the characters, the world and the friendship and even just the nostalgia from reading it as a teenager. 

When I heard that there was a new House of Night book, I had to read it, to delve back into the world of the Nerd Herd and House of Night and my favourite character Stevie Rae Johnson ( also can someone please cast me as her in the adaptation please!) 

Loved is the newest installment of the House of Night series, bringing back High Priestess Zoey Redbird and the rest of the Nerd Herd returning back to the Tulsa House of Night, after being apart for a year, to celebrate Zoey's 18th birthday, but nothing ever goes to plan does it. 

Loved starts with Zoey living her life as the brand new High Priestess of the House of Night and Leader of the North America Vampyre Council, our Zoey Redbird has come a long way from being marked just over a year ago and now danger is stirring and she needs her Nerd Herd to help.

I really enjoyed delving straight back into this world, the lore, the characters and the magic that follows it throughout the plot without ever feeling overused and convenient to the plot. I had forgotten how much these characters had gone thorough, especially when remembering characters that are no longer part of the story. It has a beautiful way of surprising you with what comes next, everything I thought I knew what was going to happen I was happily mistaken.

Characters got their second chances to live in this book both metaphorically and literally and I couldn't be happier about it, even characters I didn't even contemplate being part of the story becoming some of the most intriguing parts of the plot was incredibly enjoyable to read as it gave another world to play upon in the world.  There is not a doubt in my mind that this story will continue. I wont give spoilers as I want readers to be as surprised as i was for how the book ended as i did not seeing coming and i am very thankful or that, though now I am pretty sure we have not seen the last of Zoey Redbird and her Nerd Herd, and i for one am looking forward to what they face next.

Merry Meet Merry Part and Merry Meet Again. Blessed Be.

Write again soon xx  

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