Bookish and The Beast by Ashley Poston : Review

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Bookish and the Beast (Once Upon a Con, #3) by Ashley Poston
*I was sent this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I am gonna start this review with saying I have been waiting for this books for years. I don't mean I have been waiting for this specific book to be published for years (which I have, ever since it was announced) but a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, that is packed full of nerdy references that make me feel nostalgic and part of  a community that gets the inside jokes. This book is everything I have been looking for in a book for years and I can genuinely say that.

Bookish and the Beast follows Rosie Thorne a 17 year old girl, obsessed with Starfield ( a sci-fi show) who at a con met a mystery cosplayer who stole her heart, but never found out their name. Now Vance Reigns is our ultimate Hollywood Bad Boy, after many bad encounters with the press he is now exiled to a little town till her turns 18, but he just cant seem to forget a beautiful girl he met whilst in disguise. Their worlds collide when Rosie has to work alongside Vance to pay of a debt of a rare Starfield Novel that was accidentally destroyed. (Major Ouran High School Host Club vibes if youve ever seen it)

Okay so real talk, to say I love Ashley Poston's book would be an understatement, she knows how to delve into the world of fandom and make her readers feel included and smile at the references in her books. However Bookish and the Beast excelled all expectations I had of it, I had previously loved Geekerella and The Princess and the Fangirl, but this book completely knocked it out of the book. It has honestly become one of my favorites books of all time, I have already recommended it to friends because I know how much a book like this can easily make people fall in love with a story. 

Now I cant talk about this book without mentioning that it is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. (My favourite fairytale/Disney Movie) The way Poston has brought this to the modern way was exceptional, who else could be a beast nowadays but a Hollywood Bad Boy who you get to see the most he acts completely beastly to Rosie but also the softer moments when he is by himself and wanting to be better, its such a refreshing and enjoyable take on the beast character. 

So although there aren't any talking furniture in this book that doesn't mean we don't get a full cast of incredible side character, for example Vance's dog Sansa (Best name ever #HouseStark) who without her our story wouldn't exist she really is  good girl and Space Dad (Rosie's Dad) who is incredibly enjoyable character and I would love to try his Chocolate Murder Pancakes. Also it wouldn't be a Once Upon a Con story without bringing some of the previous book characters back, having Imogen be a part of Vance's quieter moments was sweet to see and she showed us his human side as much as he can be mean beast at other times.

Overall this book is the perfect nerdy hug in a book, and I couldn't put it down, I finished it with a day and was sad as soon as it was over. It is the kind of book that you will never forget how much it made you smile and laugh and the corny and geeky jokes. I highly recommend it for anyone for who loves cons and everything fandom, it makes me wish every time I read her books that Starfield was an actual show and film series because I know I'd be right up there with Rosie and Vance loving every second of it.

Write again soon xx

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